The Summersomnia.

July 18, 2009

Time for a quick summer update, since it is 5 am and I can’t fall back to sleep.

June 23 – Went with former roommate Ashley to Vancouver to see DT. Was recognized by the singer at the bar, then talked the band into giving me a ride back to Seattle. Ended up spending two days hanging out with Chris, the band’s bass player, who was an English/Music major at Providence College.

June 29 – Decided to drop economics and become a political science/music double major. It’ll be insane to do in two years, but I know I can do it. 

July 8 – Moved back to Baltimore to save money. I’ve been freeloading off my parents and frequenting DC to see friends fairly often.

July 24 – Grabbing some sweet, wonderful Swatties and driving to NYC for, you guessed it, a Deer Tick show.

So obviously, the most Swat related part of all of this craziness is the music major. Economics at Swat are great, but when I really thought about it, Swat was stressing me out and I was feeling incredibly unfulfilled. I realized that I don’t want to go to law school, I want to go out and play music. Maybe I’m not good enough to make anything of it right now, but I think I’m pretty good, and there’s only one way to get better. Declaring the music major will force me to practice, to think about music on a daily basis, and hopefully I can even get a grant to go on tour next summer.

This summer has not been a lucrative one in the monetary sense. But in terms of adventure, of self-discovery, and of living, it has been the most lucrative I’ve ever had.

And I have a feeling that 2009 is only going to get better.

Yours in zen,
The Transfer Student


The June Update.

June 19, 2009

Hello all…I’ve been taking a much needed break from all things Swarthmore, and hope you have been too. Haven’t received any emails from admissions as of yet, so I’m going to assume that you poor waitlisters haven’t all heard back. That’s rough, and I feel for you.

To take your mind off of it, let me give you an update on my life since Swat:

(1) I moved to Seattle for a canvassing job
(2) I quit the canvassing job because it was miserable, horrendous, and we ended up ending the ACLU campaign
(3) Finding gainful employment as a waitress on this side of the country is impossible, because apparently you have to be 21 to even LOOK at a bottle of wine, let alone pour it
(4) On that note, I coerced my lovely roommate from Portland to leave the country on a whim next week so I can get drunk and see my favorite band  at a 19+ show as opposed to a 21+ show. That’s right, I’m going to Canada! I will get (legally) drunk in my first bar, and I cannot wait.
(5) I’ve decided (and this one is a major life decisions) to say screw law school…careers that stem from law school can be noble, but they’re not for me. I’m going to enjoy my last two years of college as opportunities to grow as a person, not a commodity. After Swat (and hopefully next summer as well), I’m going to tour, play music, and independently release my music. Look at what I just recorded today, it’s the first song. 

So that’s all from the Emerald City…transfers, prospective transfers, let me know what you’re up to this summer.

The Transfer Student

The End.

May 16, 2009

Remember when I was moving to Swat in a few hours, and hadn’t packed?

Well, my parents are picking me up from Swat in an hour, and I haven’t packed. Oops. I guess it’s become a pattern of behavior. Oh well.

I am officially finished with my first year at Swarthmore! It’s been pretty crazy, and a ton of fun. Lots of hard work, but it was definitely worth it. And, it was fitting that yesterday was my last day of school work, and also the one year anniversary of getting into Swat.

I’m an upperclassman now, headed for Bel Air, Seattlebound. Ready to be a CA and meet all the new transfers, but first ready to just rest. So go off, enjoy yourselves, don’t expect to hear from me in a while. I’ll be back…eventually. 🙂

It’s been real,
The Transfer Student

So I was on the college confidential website (procrastinating on my 6th all nighter this week), and I saw that notices have begun going out. It’s an exciting time for everyone, but a sad time for the majority of people. For those of you who have been waitlisted, or rejected, I want to say to you the same thing I said on the CC website.I know it’s tough, I was rejected from Swat right out of high school. I’m glad for it though, because I may not have been able to hack it straight out of public high school. It is very difficult here, especially when you’re treated as a sophomore coming from a public high school and a year at community college.

But if you’re in a position to reapply and want to, do so. If not, you can get just as much out of your education elsewhere than at Swarthmore. The elitists here will tell you differently, but I met a lot of incredible, worthwhile, and intelligent people at community college, contrary to what Duhvinci seems to think about it. Sure, I’m not getting A’s at Swarthmore, but I was a worthwhile person before I got here, I’m a worthwhile person when I get B’s, and even the B’s improve me.

I know that this is a dream come true for a lot of people, and a dream never realized for a lot more. Maybe Swarthmore isn’t in the cards for you…but it is by no means the end of the world. But please believe me when I say that it is not education that makes the man. Just make the most out of your education, no matter where you get it. It’s possible to do great things at a state college, and to get nothing out of a prestigious college. You get out of something what you give, so keep giving no matter where you are.

For those of you who got rejected and want to talk, feel free. For those of you who got waitlisted, shoot me your ideas for getting off the waitlist. And for those of you who get in, I can’t wait to meet you in a few short months.

Keep doing what you do (no matter where you do it),
The Transfer Student

Wow. It’s Wednesday May 13th already, in two weeks it will be June. For me, it’s the last Wednesday I’ll spend at Swarthmore until August, a beautiful fifteen weeks away.

For you transfers, it is (fingers crossed) the last Wednesday you will spend wondering whether or not you got into Swarthmore College. If you’ve applied to other schools for transfer, this is the last one. Swat has the latest notification date, and I have no doubt that you have been gnashing your teeth and sitting on edge waiting to figure out what the hell you’ll be doing with your life and where the hell you’ll be doing it. It’s stressful, but it’s almost over, so sit tight.

I emailed Dean Jim  Bock today, he’s the dean of admissions and financial aid. I’m trying to obtain the list of people that were admitted as transfers for next fall, because I think it would be nice to send out something personal to everyone who did get in. Swatties do similar things to high schoolers who have just gotten in, and as Rayan said to me over the summer (once I had finally tracked down some damn transfers), “Transferring = Hermithood”.

I’m hoping we can change that this summer. I really do want to hear from everyone who gets in, regardless of  whether or not you decide to come. And, even if you don’t get in, I’d still like to hear about your experience and any improvements you’d like to see with the process.

Now I need to teach myself a semester’s worth of Macroeconomics for my exam on Friday. But after that, it’s OVER!

Stay strong, transfer hopefuls,
The Transfer Student