My name is Augusta Christensen, and I’m a sophomore at my dream college, Swarthmore. But last year, I was rejected from Swat, and spent a year at community college in Portland, OR. Now I’m back on the east coast, getting ready to enter my first year at Swarthmore as one of only a handful of transfers. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, and this blog will allow everyone to glimpse what it is like to blindly fall into life as a transfer student at one of the most difficult schools in the country.


4 Responses to “About The Transfer Student.”

  1. Lance Frank Says:

    Hey! I Just wanted to say that I enjoy the genuineness of your blogs. I am a transfer hopeful from Seattle, and I will be applying soon. Your success is a huge inspiration, thanks!

  2. Sam Buchl Says:

    Hey Augusta!
    I just read your blog, and I was just like you after I received a pile of reject letters from prestigious east coast universities. Ugh. But your blog has made me hopeful; I plan on applying to Swarthmore for enrollment in the fall of 2010. If you could give me any extra tips (about the application) or throw in a good word for me with the admissions people, anything would help.

  3. Spencer Says:

    I appreciate your blog. I found it while looking for information regarding Swarthmore and transfer students. I know you are obviously not a dean of admission, but I currently have a GPA of 3.5. Am I wasting mine and the schools time?
    Anyway, congratulations on your dream school. Thanks for the resource.

  4. Nicole de Faymoreau Says:

    Dear fellow transfer,
    I am emailing you regarding a documentary I am producing on the
    experience of transfer students. The goal of the documentary is to
    educate professors, teachers and administrators about the challenges and
    triumphs transfer students encounter in their college experience. I was
    wondering if you would be interested in contributing an opinion to my
    documentary either in a video clip or in a transcript which can be read
    aloud in the film.
    Kind regards,
    Nicole de Faymoreau

    UCSD ‘11.75
    B.A. Psychology
    Intern UCSD Medical Center
    and Research Assistant UCSD Center for Brain and Cognition

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