The Summersomnia.

July 18, 2009

Time for a quick summer update, since it is 5 am and I can’t fall back to sleep.

June 23 – Went with former roommate Ashley to Vancouver to see DT. Was recognized by the singer at the bar, then talked the band into giving me a ride back to Seattle. Ended up spending two days hanging out with Chris, the band’s bass player, who was an English/Music major at Providence College.

June 29 – Decided to drop economics and become a political science/music double major. It’ll be insane to do in two years, but I know I can do it. 

July 8 – Moved back to Baltimore to save money. I’ve been freeloading off my parents and frequenting DC to see friends fairly often.

July 24 – Grabbing some sweet, wonderful Swatties and driving to NYC for, you guessed it, a Deer Tick show.

So obviously, the most Swat related part of all of this craziness is the music major. Economics at Swat are great, but when I really thought about it, Swat was stressing me out and I was feeling incredibly unfulfilled. I realized that I don’t want to go to law school, I want to go out and play music. Maybe I’m not good enough to make anything of it right now, but I think I’m pretty good, and there’s only one way to get better. Declaring the music major will force me to practice, to think about music on a daily basis, and hopefully I can even get a grant to go on tour next summer.

This summer has not been a lucrative one in the monetary sense. But in terms of adventure, of self-discovery, and of living, it has been the most lucrative I’ve ever had.

And I have a feeling that 2009 is only going to get better.

Yours in zen,
The Transfer Student