The June Update.

June 19, 2009

Hello all…I’ve been taking a much needed break from all things Swarthmore, and hope you have been too. Haven’t received any emails from admissions as of yet, so I’m going to assume that you poor waitlisters haven’t all heard back. That’s rough, and I feel for you.

To take your mind off of it, let me give you an update on my life since Swat:

(1) I moved to Seattle for a canvassing job
(2) I quit the canvassing job because it was miserable, horrendous, and we ended up ending the ACLU campaign
(3) Finding gainful employment as a waitress on this side of the country is impossible, because apparently you have to be 21 to even LOOK at a bottle of wine, let alone pour it
(4) On that note, I coerced my lovely roommate from Portland to leave the country on a whim next week so I can get drunk and see my favorite band  at a 19+ show as opposed to a 21+ show. That’s right, I’m going to Canada! I will get (legally) drunk in my first bar, and I cannot wait.
(5) I’ve decided (and this one is a major life decisions) to say screw law school…careers that stem from law school can be noble, but they’re not for me. I’m going to enjoy my last two years of college as opportunities to grow as a person, not a commodity. After Swat (and hopefully next summer as well), I’m going to tour, play music, and independently release my music. Look at what I just recorded today, it’s the first song. 

So that’s all from the Emerald City…transfers, prospective transfers, let me know what you’re up to this summer.

The Transfer Student


One Response to “The June Update.”

  1. caty Says:

    Hey Augusta,

    I sent you an email a while back about my Swarthmore aspirations.

    I’m afraid I’ve been waiting expectantly on the waiting list– but I can’t be wholly dejected as I’ve received no decided rejection.

    I understand from the admissions office that they’re not planning on taking many transfer waitlisters. Do you think that it’s of any use at this point to reiterate my commitment to Swat/ send them any additional materials?

    Also, I just checked out your MySpace page – great stuff! I’m a total audiophile – big into radio journalism, art, production and all that – and I’m curious as to what you’re using to record yourself?

    I just ordered my own audio gear last week – I’d previously always used my school’s – and have been brimming with excitement and story ideas ever since. Equipment is so liberating!

    Take care,


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