The End.

May 16, 2009

Remember when I was moving to Swat in a few hours, and hadn’t packed?

Well, my parents are picking me up from Swat in an hour, and I haven’t packed. Oops. I guess it’s become a pattern of behavior. Oh well.

I am officially finished with my first year at Swarthmore! It’s been pretty crazy, and a ton of fun. Lots of hard work, but it was definitely worth it. And, it was fitting that yesterday was my last day of school work, and also the one year anniversary of getting into Swat.

I’m an upperclassman now, headed for Bel Air, Seattlebound. Ready to be a CA and meet all the new transfers, but first ready to just rest. So go off, enjoy yourselves, don’t expect to hear from me in a while. I’ll be back…eventually. 🙂

It’s been real,
The Transfer Student


One Response to “The End.”

  1. Clara Says:

    Hi Augusta,

    Glad to hear your year ended well. I found out yesterday that I got in! So, looks like I will be meeting you this August. Can’t wait!

    Clara (claralucia from the CC message board)

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