The Final Final…almost.

May 13, 2009

Wow. It’s Wednesday May 13th already, in two weeks it will be June. For me, it’s the last Wednesday I’ll spend at Swarthmore until August, a beautiful fifteen weeks away.

For you transfers, it is (fingers crossed) the last Wednesday you will spend wondering whether or not you got into Swarthmore College. If you’ve applied to other schools for transfer, this is the last one. Swat has the latest notification date, and I have no doubt that you have been gnashing your teeth and sitting on edge waiting to figure out what the hell you’ll be doing with your life and where the hell you’ll be doing it. It’s stressful, but it’s almost over, so sit tight.

I emailed Dean Jim  Bock today, he’s the dean of admissions and financial aid. I’m trying to obtain the list of people that were admitted as transfers for next fall, because I think it would be nice to send out something personal to everyone who did get in. Swatties do similar things to high schoolers who have just gotten in, and as Rayan said to me over the summer (once I had finally tracked down some damn transfers), “Transferring = Hermithood”.

I’m hoping we can change that this summer. I really do want to hear from everyone who gets in, regardless of  whether or not you decide to come. And, even if you don’t get in, I’d still like to hear about your experience and any improvements you’d like to see with the process.

Now I need to teach myself a semester’s worth of Macroeconomics for my exam on Friday. But after that, it’s OVER!

Stay strong, transfer hopefuls,
The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Final Final…almost.”

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