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April 30, 2009

So I’m not actually at Swat right now, I’m home for a funeral. Luckily I’ll be back at Swat tomorrow in time to do some major damage control via Pub Nite.
But I do still have papers to do, and am as always in need of a good distraction. So I will share this, which is what I saw as I trekked from Alice Paul to Macro this morning:

0429091628Pretty. Freaking. Awesome. That chair hasn’t been at Swat since I have, so I was psyched for its return. It will surely be the site of debauchery tomorrow night.

Also, I thought I’d look for some resources for transfers. This was a pretty neat little site I found that Amherst has, I’d like to start a similar thing on Facebook once I know who’s in for next year.

This one is more for those of you who have not applied for transfer, and are wondering what will be expected of you.

And for those of you hoping to transfer this year, here’s a reasonably good countdown of common questions from the College Recruiter.

As always, shoot me an email or a comment if you have any questions, rants, etc. I always welcome a distraction!

Just over two weeks to go, prospective transfers!
The Transfer Student


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