The Spring Fever.

April 9, 2009

Well transfer hopefuls, it’s April 9th. That means you have approximately 5 weeks, 1 day until hearing back from Swat. I know, I know, it’s terrible and cruel and all of that. But even so, I cannot even describe how excited I am to meet all of you, which I will do…DURING ORIENTATION!

That’s right, the infamous Ms. Jeanie and I will be shaping you, Army of Transfers, and we will take over this campus from Sharples to the gym. We will storm Tarble and make that infernal bell stop waking me up every fifteen minutes while I am trying to nap, and we will heckle various student groups together. Basically, we are going to have an incredible time.

Some bad news on the orientation front: apparently there will be so many new transfers accepted that two CAs won’t be able to handle it. So they’re splitting the transfers into two groups. However, Jeanie and I are the only other transfers that applied to be CAs, and one transfer, Danny, is on the Orientation Committee. He’ll be leading the second group, with a non-transfer.

Now, I love regular admits here, but since transfers and the administration barely know how to answer all the questions from transfers, it really doesn’t make sense to have someone who was admitted and attended as a freshman to lead a group of transfers. The Orientation Committee does not see the value in hiring a transfer for the sake of being a transfer, and unfortunately this attitude has caused a lot of problems for me, and for other transfers. It’s an attitude of, “Oh, well HOW different could it possibly be?”

Infinitely different. You have all the knowledge of a freshman with none of the perks, you are graded as a sophomore or upperclassman, and you are scrambling to fit in requirements unique to Swarthmore that regular admits have been working on since day one. It’s an experience that is incredibly unique and challenging, and it’s important to have people who have been there, who are passionate about building a community of unique transfers at the helm of orientation.

Orientation sets the tone for your entire time here. Most of my best friends at Swat were people I met at orientation, and I’m really hoping that we can do a good job ushering in the 09 transfers.

Emailing Jim Bock and Martin Warner today about the Tranifesto. Wish me luck.

Uniquely yours,
The Transfer Student


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