The Day of Reckoning.

April 1, 2009

So here it is…April 1st. Transfer applications for the 2009 transfers must be postmarked by today, which means all you hopefuls have between 1 and 4 hours to find a blue USPS box, depending on where in the country you are. That’s pretty exciting, and I’m definitely wishing all of you the best of luck. When I think back on it, I’m still pretty surprised that the application I submitted got me in. Don’t get me wrong, I had a 4.0 at PCC, but my essay was probably the most negative admissions has ever received. Some of the more choice sections were:

“I was rejected amid the concerns of the board that I was not equipped to handle the strenuous demands…Despite this, however, I feel that I belong in the environment that Swarthmore offers…”

“I determined my senior year that Swarthmore was the place for me; the admissions board decided that I was not prepared for Swarthmore.”

“I feel that I have gone above and beyond what most students rejected from college would do, and that this commitment to overcoming hurdles to ultimately be successful is more proof that I am Swattie material.”

Yeah…generally your essays should be less offensive. But I hope those were entertaining for anyone who has begun the nail-biting, hair-tearing, nervous wreck of a month and a half that is the transfer process at Swarthmore. At the very least, those excerpts should make you more confident in your own application.

Things on the Swat front are going well. I’ve come down with a cold or allergies or something, so I’ve been generally unmotivated to do work this week. I’m giving myself a break though, under the excuse that it is my birthday week, and I can study next week. 

Yes, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m turning 19, which is a pretty uneventful age. I think it’s the last birthday that isn’t scary, because you still have a year before you change decades and things start to get a lot more real. So I’m celebrating with fondue with my friends and parents in the Alice Paul lounge tomorrow, then Pub Nite, then an after party. I’m missing the big Sag- sorry, NOT the Sager party anymore. (You can read all about the drama here) I am going home for the weekend, so I’ll have to wait until next year for the cross-dressing, booze-drenched insanity.

There are crazy things happening on campus though. Peaslee is hosting a debate tournament next weekend, which promises to be nuts. Then it’s Worthstock/Crunkfest, Ride the Tide, and Parents’ Weekend all at the same time.

So I’ll be trying not to suffocate in the arboretum through all of that.

Best of luck, new transfer hopefuls,
The Transfer Student


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