So the weather has really started turning, and we’re back from spring break. The first weekend back was a little nuts, and with Sager, Worthstock, Crunkfest, etc. approaching, I’m sure it will just continue to get crazier.

I went to Portland for spring break to see my roommate Ashley, who I missed like crazy. It was fantastic to see her, and I miss her again already. Did not, however, miss the city of Portland. Insanely Puritan liquor laws, pretentious people everywhere, hipster fashion all over the place…it’s enough to make your head spin.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be back at Swat. Things have been suspiciously underwhelming, I don’t feel behind on anything, I did well on my macroeconomics midterm. I’m hoping that I just have a better handle on things this semester, and it isn’t simply the calm before the storm.

In terms of the Tranifesto, I have yet to email Jim Bock and Martin Warner, but I think I am going to set up a meeting this week. I’ll also post a version of the Tranifesto after I edit it a bit. My latest frustration is the gym requirement, which was NOT defined for any of us transfers. But apparently, if I don’t magically come up with a second gym credit, I’ll have a terrible number for the housing lottery. I don’t really care because Erick is my roommate and we’ll pick off of his number anyway. But seriously? Not pleased. The administration needs to take a stance, have a concrete policy, and hold us to THAT, instead of making it up as they go.

But anyway, just a quick update to say that things are going well. One of the specs that I hosted, Victoria, just got accepted!! I am going to try and host her again for Ride the Tide, and really celebrate the exciting news. I got a job canvassing door to door with Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., in Seattle for the summer, which is AMAZING. At Swat, I interviewed for a position as a CA for orientation, hopefully Jeanie and I both get it and can help usher in the next wave of transfers. And of course, those new transfers should be submitting their applications in ten days, one day before my birthday! I’m incredibly excited for all of the above, not to mention Swarthmore’s legendary debate tournament in two weeks.

Hold your heads high, everybody, it’s getting warmer.

The Transfer Student