The Transfer Invasion.

February 26, 2009

That’s right. You read correctly.

We’re here, we’re myster…ious, and we are about to multiply like rabbits. In a strictly numbers-based way, of course.

Swarthmore has just announced that it is going to enroll 27 transfers in fall 2009. Not admit, mind you, ENROLL. That means that they are probably going to admit at least 40. And let me tell you…I cannot wait.

I love it here, but to be honest, I’m definitely looking forward to having more people to share the experience with. I think there’s something really special to be said for having an outsider’s perspective while attending Swarthmore. Sure, I’m aware that a year at Portland Community College doesn’t exactly make me worldly, but being from an institution outside of the bubble really gives you a different take on Swarthmore life. Jim Bock (the dean of admissions) was really serious about expanding the transfer program, and I have nothing but admiration for how he’s kept his word. If he hadn’t opened me up to the world of transferring after I got rejected, I don’t know what I would have done.

But that being said, the transfer program is still really new to Swarthmore. And there are a LOT of kinks to be worked out. I’m hoping that this huge influx of new transfers will force the faculty and staff here to familiarize themselves more with the “transfer protocol”, but I’m not overly optimistic. To be honest, the “transfer protocol” is largely nebulous and vague.

So I would like to help it along. I started drafting a “Transfer Treatise” of sorts, just kind of outlining what could be done better and more consistently to make the transition easier. I would like to get in touch with the other transfers to see if they would like to be involved, and then present this to Dean Bock, Martin Warner the registrar, and our provost to see if we can get some things changed. That’s one thing Swarthmore is definitely great with, being responsive to student activism.

Suit up, transfers. This is our time.

(One of) The (Soon to be close to 70) Transfer Student(s)


2 Responses to “The Transfer Invasion.”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Hi 😀

    I am currently a High School student , and I LOVE Swarthmore, but I dont think my 3.75 GPA will get me in. I am also considering going to community college and was wondering if you can give me any pointers/advice on what would help me gain acceptence.

    Thanks 😀


  2. Jeanie Says:


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