The Transfer Invasion.

February 26, 2009

That’s right. You read correctly.

We’re here, we’re myster…ious, and we are about to multiply like rabbits. In a strictly numbers-based way, of course.

Swarthmore has just announced that it is going to enroll 27 transfers in fall 2009. Not admit, mind you, ENROLL. That means that they are probably going to admit at least 40. And let me tell you…I cannot wait.

I love it here, but to be honest, I’m definitely looking forward to having more people to share the experience with. I think there’s something really special to be said for having an outsider’s perspective while attending Swarthmore. Sure, I’m aware that a year at Portland Community College doesn’t exactly make me worldly, but being from an institution outside of the bubble really gives you a different take on Swarthmore life. Jim Bock (the dean of admissions) was really serious about expanding the transfer program, and I have nothing but admiration for how he’s kept his word. If he hadn’t opened me up to the world of transferring after I got rejected, I don’t know what I would have done.

But that being said, the transfer program is still really new to Swarthmore. And there are a LOT of kinks to be worked out. I’m hoping that this huge influx of new transfers will force the faculty and staff here to familiarize themselves more with the “transfer protocol”, but I’m not overly optimistic. To be honest, the “transfer protocol” is largely nebulous and vague.

So I would like to help it along. I started drafting a “Transfer Treatise” of sorts, just kind of outlining what could be done better and more consistently to make the transition easier. I would like to get in touch with the other transfers to see if they would like to be involved, and then present this to Dean Bock, Martin Warner the registrar, and our provost to see if we can get some things changed. That’s one thing Swarthmore is definitely great with, being responsive to student activism.

Suit up, transfers. This is our time.

(One of) The (Soon to be close to 70) Transfer Student(s)


Well as always, it has been way too long since I last updated this. But I’m hoping that I can fill in the gaps quickly and concisely.

Last week was a ton of fun, and lucrative. I waited tables at Paces Cafe as usual on Monday, and was the only server at a small dinner at the Vice President’s house on Thursday. I actually got offered a job at the catering company, which would be fantastic and provide some much needed money. After I got back, the usual suspects gathered at Pub Nite, along with one of Rich’s friends from high school. No one else has really had friends come visit besides me and Rayan, so it was a lot of fun. I always enjoy meeting people that were friends with my friends long before I knew them, it lets you learn a lot about them. So anyway, we knocked Rich’s friend Joe’s socks off with how awesome and relaxed the college is, and on Friday after Macro, Rich had a second friend come from the University of Iowa. We met him in Philly, got a genuine Philly cheesesteak at Jim’s, and stocked up on supplies for the dorm-warming party.

My new roommate Anagha decided to skip out on the festivities for a date with friends at Penn, since she was too sick to go out Valentine’s weekend. But a ton of people ended up cramming into the loft, the drinks and conversation flowed, and my desk was covered in a sticky and questionable brewery-like substance the next morning. By all standards, that sounds like a successful party to me!

Saturday was the LSE (large scale event), Estelle, which I did not attend. Don’t get me wrong, I find “American Boy” to be an incredible display of artistic achievement, I just had a Rattech job to do. It was a barn party, and ended up costing me nearly three hours of my life on Saturday, and all of my day Sunday. I was waiting around constantly for the people to call me to come pick up the speakers, and as a result missed out on getting tutored for my Macro midterm. So if I fail this midterm…well let’s just say that a barn-related incident of arson may coincidentally occur.

Monday was the Macro exam. I think I understood it, but I could have been completely off and just bombed it. And right before the test, I had an incredibly stressful meeting with my advisor for Political Science. Basically I’m going to have to work myself to the bone to get into the honors program, and even then I might not get in. But I’m going to give it my best shot, and hopefully something good will come of it.

Spring break in Portland starting next Friday! I can’t wait. And this weekend is a debate tournament at GW. Psyched for both.

Until next time,
The Transfer Student

The Big Move.

February 14, 2009

So it is 4:30 a.m., and I just crawled into Fort Metaphor for the last time. It’s a little bit sad, but the reason that this is my last night in Willets is that tomorrow I am moving to Alice Paul! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the campus, Alice Paul is the newest and nicest of the dorms.

One of Rayan’s friends, Anagha, had her roommate move out unexpectedly. So I was lucky enough to come to an agreement with her, and am now going to be living in a loft in AP. It seemed like a really great opportunity especially considering how opposite my sleeping habits are from Charlotte’s.

Things have been going well on the academic front, not too much to report thus far. It’s weird to think we’ve been back for a month, it still feels like a settling in phase. I’ve been to two debate tournaments so far, NYU and Bryn Mawr. NYU was just unbelievable, right in the heart of the city. I definitely do long for a city sometimes, being at Swat, but the people and the classes are worth it for sure.

On top of Peaslee and classes, I started waiting tables at Paces Cafe Monday nights. It’s actually a lot of fun, and I could definitely use the money. I’m also signed up for a catering gig at the Vice President of the college’s house on Thursday, and am going to start working for Rattech, the people who hook up the electronics for events, etc.

And on a more personal note, I’ve just started my first “Quaker Matchbox” relationship. College dating is definitely a surreal experience, especially at a place as small as Swat, but I’m having a good time, which is what counts.

So that’s a quick 4 in the morning update…now I must get some sleep before I have to start moving!

Hopefully yours,
The Transfer Student