The Mondays.

January 26, 2009

I feel like I must have already titled an entry this way. Even so…no other way to describe my day today.

Things at Swat are going really well, generally better than normal. Pub Nite was a little too crowded to be as fun as usual, but still very fun. Friday night’s plans began with a foiled plan to take the movie shuttle to see Notorious (at Rich and Robert’s insistence), but apparently the movie shuttle didn’t exist last Friday. Oh well. So I hopped the SEPTA with Erick, Richard, and Jeanie, and we ran some errands in Media. We came back with the fruits of our errands, and enjoyed some wine and The Sixth Sense. Saturday I woke up earlier than I expected, and did a bunch of work. Saturday night was filled up with hanging out with the boys in Hallowell, playing every conceivable game until I was ready to fall over. Sunday we successfully gathered everyone in Sharples for what I have christened “Hangover Brunch”, which was a lot of fun, except I was a little hungover. None the less, I spent hours in McCabe, and actually finished almost all of my reading for this week.

So I’m ahead on everything! Yesterday I took a break from McCabe-ing and interviewed to be a waitress at Paces. I got it! 😀 And last night the boys came to Willets and we ate fancy cheese and watched “Bride Wars”…absolutely horrendous. Almost too horrendous to be hilarious. Almost.

But then today, after Macro and lunch, I had the crazy idea that I would try to be productive and get my laundry done. Well, I got my laundry washed. But now there are no available dryers in Willets. So I am stuck with soaking wet laundry, and I have been waiting around an extra hour to do laundry. Meaning I didn’t get to go to Lang and play piano.


Angrily yours,
The Transfer Students


The Spring Semester.

January 22, 2009

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s a beautiful start to a beautiful spring semester. Actually, if there were any birds here, they’d be dead, because it is really damn cold outside. But despite that, I’m really optimistic about “spring” semester, and have attended two days of class so far.

Classes started Monday, but my friend Jess was kind enough to drive me down to DC to stay with Ted on Sunday. We stayed with him until the inauguration Tuesday, which was obviously amazing. Monday was pretty cool too, but not as amazing, as we sat through performances by Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers to hear Michelle Obama and Jill Biden speak. Ugh. Yes, it was as horrible as you’re probably imagining. But we survived, and we even survived the bone crushing (literally, with emphasis on “crushing”) crowds, and the  freezing cold weather. I cried as Obama was sworn in, even if Justice Roberts had hit the drink a little hard that morning.

Then when we finally made it out of DC, we picked up Rayan at the airport. He actually got his student visa at the last minute which was a huge relief. After a tearful reunion with all the boys over Renato’s pizza and buffalo wings, I went to sleep in Fort Metaphor, and got up bright and early for Macroeconomics. Kuperberg is hilarious. Then I went with Rayan, Rich, and Robert to Greek Myth in Opera. I think that’s going to be a pretty cool class, and I get to watch an opera every week? Awesome.

Today I had my two poli sci classes, Comparative Politics with Matt Murphy and Modern Political Theory with Ben Berger. Both seem really great, and so far I’ve enjoyed the readings (mainly Machiavelli, Tocqueville, and Constant). Then Macro discussion section, and back to Willets.

I was greeted by Ted at Willets with the wonderful news that there is a PUB NITE tonight!! So I’ll be heading off to that in an hour or so. Also, when I was with Rayan and Jeanie (who returned this semester, yay!) at Chocolates and Choosing, a little get together for sophomores to talk about the sophomore paper, I read in the Phoenix that Deer Tick, one of my favorite musicians that no one has really heard of, is coming to Olde Club March 27! If that isn’t a sign that transferring to Swat was one of the best things to ever happen to me, I don’t know what is.

Well, off to a night of fun in what promises to be the best semester to date.

Back and yours,
The Transfer Student