The Fall Semester Grades. (pt. 1)

December 23, 2008

So after a crazy end to the semester, I have settled back into my parents’ home in Bel Air, MD. I’ve seen my three closest friends here, I’ve seen my mom’s side of the family in PA, and I’m looking forward to everything else I’ll be doing over break, especially seeing my little cousin Toren from Seattle in a few days.

But what REALLY excited me today was getting two of my four grades for the semester. In economics (drumroll please…) I got a B-! I was so excited to see that, I got a special email in my inbox because I took it pass-fail. I didn’t know that it would be sent as an email, so my heart pretty much stopped because I thought I was getting a notification that I did not, in fact, pass. But I did! I got a B! So I can still declare a major in econ if I want to! VERY exciting. I feel a little silly for wasting a pass-fail, but oh well.

I also got my grade in Philosophy, a B. By my calculations on the grades I got on the papers, I figured I had a B in the class, but I thought it may have dropped after my abysmal final paper, and my lame answers on the final.

So yay! As long as nothing drastically awful and unexpected happens with poli sci and soc/anth, I could have straight B’s this semester! Not too shabby for the first semester of Swat.

The econ grade was hands down my best Christmas present thus far. It could be overshadowed by a replacement for my stolen iPod…fingers crossed. 😉

Jubilantly yours,
The Transfer Student


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