The End.

December 15, 2008

It’s 12:01 PM, Monday, and I’m in McCabe, yet again. My first semester at Swarthmore is all done but the crying.

And by crying, I of course mean my in class exams in economics and philosophy.

I’m feeling a weird combination of relief and trepidation…relief because I finished my sociology/anthropology crap (sorry, I mean super valuable material that I definitely read…not) yesterday, and finished my poli sci final Saturday night. I actually just hit “print” on my final.

I actually wasn’t too overwhelmed with finals, to my surprise. Sure, it was a little stressful to, for the last four days, wake up, shower, and immediately head into the library and not leave until after dark, but I dealt with it, and now I’m almost completely done.

The reason I’m in McCabe today is that I was meeting with my econ tutor Melinda one last time. She is seriously one of the most patient people I’ve ever encountered, and if I pass intro to econ, it’s entirely because of her. I’m going to head to Tarble and pick up a thank you card for her at the bookstore.

My best friend from high school Kayla is supposed to come up today as long as she has car access…I’m so excited. After the econ final tonight, I am going to go totally crazy and have so much fun. It will be a little sad, because I have to say goodbye to everyone tonight. Rayan already left for Pakistan on Saturday, that was rough.

But I will be extremely happy to be home. I can’t believe the first semester came to a close so fast!

As Melinda said, one down, five to go.

The Transfer Student


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