The Finals Crunch.

December 12, 2008

Well, I’m down to three days until my first final (including today), and in those three days, here’s what I’m going to do:

1. 10 pages of essays for my American Elections final
2. A 10 page paper for my Our Therapeutic Culture class that I completely forgot about
3. 5-10 pages in essays for my OTC final
4. Copious amounts of econ studying on my own and with my incredible tutor
5. A WA conference for the absolutely awful 5 page paper I wrote for Philosophy yesterday

Hmm. Well, it could be a lot worse.

Technically I have until the end of next week for all my AE and OTC stuff, but I really want to get it all out of the way before my econ final. That way I have absolutely nothing hanging over my head after I take my exams, and I can go home happy and free! Plus, Kayla is coming up to see me Monday! American is done with finals already, and she’s taking her sister (and hopefully me) home on Tuesday. So she decided to come have a sleepover with me on Monday! I am SO excited for it.

Last night was a ton of fun, it was the Cabal Christmas! We went into Philly around 3 so people could get their Secret Santa gifts, etc., and then Greg, Chloe and I hailed a cab to the state store. Oh, did I mention it was pissing down rain the entire time? Because it was. It was basically a very cold, very unpleasant mini-monsoon. So we picked out all the ingredients for mixing holiday drinks, and while Greg made the purchase, Chloe and I ran down the street to Whole Foods to pick some stuff up. By the time we got out, it was raining even harder, and thanks to Whole Foods’ dedication to saving the planet, our shopping bags began disintegrating. It was awful. Finally, a nice guy came running out to ask if we needed a ride, he happened to be a really nice cabbie. We finished off the Philly adventure by meeting Erick, Rich, Robert, and Ted for dinner at Moriarty’s, then went back to Hallowell.

Secret Santa turned out amazingly well. Rayan loved the Edward Cullen imitation jewelry that I bought him. It really showed that everyone did know their people pretty well…”Santa” (Ted) left the Cabal a gallon of PCP under the tree, Jeanie bought Charlotte a Morrissey shirt, and Charlotte bought Jeanie Whole Foods gift cards. Rich got Erick a bunch of books, and Erick got me a stuffed kitty, a gigantic cat poster, and a book about cats! Greg got Rich the Sarah Silverman show on DVD, Greg got a blacklight from Robert, Robert got Sinbad and Flavor Flav DVDs from Ted, and Ted got a “Sarcasm: One of my many talents” shirt from Rayan.

It was a really fantastic night, but as all fantastic nights at Swarthmore go, I now have to work twice as hard today to make up for it. No distractions today! Other than seeing Rayan, of course. He’s leaving for Pakistan tonight, I can’t believe it’ll be over a month before I see him again. Tonight is definitely going to be full of sad goodbyes.

And with that, it’s time for some essays.

The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Finals Crunch.”

  1. andrewlza Says:

    i haven’t started my american elections final either — you make me feel better 🙂

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