The Frustration Resurfaces.

December 11, 2008

As the semester draws to a close, I’m finding it harder and harder to capture an accurate snapshot of my transfer experience on this blog without swearing. I know that vulgarity is the last refuge of the unclever, but I am not feeling very clever at the moment.

I kid…mostly.

So the end is near, but not near enough. Or maybe too near? In the last week I have done four separate econ practice finals (two tonight alone), read over all of the semester’s poli sci assignments in one night, and outlined three papers. Before Tuesday, I have to write thirty-seven pages in papers.

How did this happen?!

I’m about to write three papers, a five page one for philosophy, two two and a half page ones for my American Elections final. Last night was the final Pub Nite of the semester, and it was incredibly fun. It was nostalgic, grabbing everyone’s shoulders singing “American Pie” and “Closing Time”, especially since the only closing time left for me now is McCabe. Somehow the horrendously shrill buzzer doesn’t compare to a beer soaked night of friends ending in wrestling matches in the ampitheater.

But even though it’s three AM, I will write all my papers, and get up early in the morning to trek back into McCabe and do another practice exam. I’ll also outline another paper, and then I’m going into Philly with everyone. We’re having dinner, then coming back and having a Secret Santa party. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fantastic.

Time to get cracking on those papers.

The Transfer Student


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