The Monday Night McCabe Rush.

December 9, 2008

Well, I’m not a very good blogger. I went from not updating for two weeks to updating twice in one day.

I’m in McCabe right now, in an unsuccessful attempt at forcing myself into productivity. I just had to jot this down, because I’m completely amazed at how full this library is. Usually when I study, I sit on the second floor next to one of the tiny square windows, the same one every time. It overlooks Willets, so I can glance over at all the sleep I’m missing while I read The Portable Karl Marx.

When I study here, I’m normally the only person in this area. But the entire row up and down this wall is filled. It’s incredible. The lounge is packed, there are people at every desk…it’s amazing what desperation will do to the Swarthmore student body!

Yours in the production of material life ( 😦 ),
The Transfer Student


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