The End is Near!

December 8, 2008

It’s true, it’s true, the fall semester is drawing to a close. I will only be under this insane amount of stress for eight more days, and then I will have a month to recuperate.

It has certainly been a crazy semester, so much better and worse than I could have ever imagined. In my wildest dreams I could not have realized what incredible friends I would make in such a seemingly short amount of time. I don’t think I had any sort of accurate idea about just how much work I would have to do either, but for better or worse, the semester ends next Tuesday (for me), and I will have survived it.

Swat since Thanksgiving break has been both great and a huge tease. Thanksgiving was late, so we’ve been kind of longingly sandwiched right between two breaks. I for one get madly into the Christmas spirit, so there have been a lot of Christmas carols coming from Willets 101. I also forced nearly every one of my friends into helping me decorate the room. It looks amazing, pictures to follow.

The poli sci paper has been finished and handed in for a few weeks, that’s been a relief. My econ paper is now also finished, and I only have a philosophy paper, two in-class exams, two take-home exams, and a poli sci class left. I know it sounds like a lot, but compared to what some of my friends have to do by next week, it’s nothing.

I went to Bucknell University with Peaslee this weekend. It was a really small tournament, and it was a ton of fun. Rich and I paired up, and went up against a Swat team and then arguably one of the best debaters in APDA (American Parliamentary Debate Association). We all slept together in the barracks, and played “Never Have I Ever” with the Penn team. It was so much fun, and we all managed to get out of bed and into the debate Saturday morning.

And because it was so small, all three Swat teams that went broke to quarterfinals! Rich and I lost, again to the top debater in APDA, but we still had a blast debating the case. The case was: You are the Girl Scouts of America. The Atkins diet has cut out your cookie sales, and to make money you must either a) prostitute yourselves, or b) sell drugs. It was pretty hilarious to close all of my speeches with, “And that is why we are proud to propose that the Girl Scouts MUST sell drugs.”

Drove back to Swat in terrible weather…476 turned into ice and we fishtailed in the Peaslee van between smashed up cars and the barrier. Lucas is an excellent driver though, and saved us. We made it back early, miraculously, and I ended the night in Hallowell after partying hard in Paces. (A little too hard…some of the events of the night included me dueling Jeanie‘s boyfriend in the snow topless, attacking my sleeping debate partner, etc.) I recovered in the morning with about three pounds of bacon from Sharples, and got right to work on my Econ paper, into which I am now entering the final citations. Sunday was pretty lazy, I didn’t get much done besides the Econ paper, and neither did Greg, Erick, or Ted who hung out in the basement lounge with me all day. Robert and Rich went out and got a Christmas tree for their room, which is exciting. Rich got a black eye in the process, I’m not sure exactly how.

The Secret Santa for our little group is happening on Thursday! I can’t wait. And the last Pub Nite of the semester is tomorrow, it should be really great. Hopefully I’ll knock out my poli sci take home exam tomorrow afternoon, but that depends on how difficult it is.

I feel almost guilty for my lack of updates…this blog has actually had a steady increase of hits, and I’ve gotten a lot of really great feedback for it, which has been overwhelming. So thanks to everyone that has actually been seeking out this blog and reading it, I hope it’s been at least a little bit helpful. I’ve tried to maintain the integrity of the blog even as it has been linked to Swarthmore’s admissions website.

I think that a lot of people, myself included, can be easily intimidated by a lot of Swatties…I mean even the other linked blogs are so academic, so intellectual. And while in the short space of time that I’ve been here, my ability to write, organize, and process information has improved tenfold, I’ve tried to not focus primarily on that aspect of Swat. For anyone who is thinking about transferring here, or even attending in general, you know that the academics are incredible. What you may not know is that you will meet people here who will make jokes about Andrew Jackson that will crack you up, you will eat (and enjoy) cereal more often than anything else at Sharples, and that even here people accidentally sleep through exams, even here people dance on tables and scream all the words to “Closing Time”.

Anyway, this turned into a pretty sappy entry. I have tons to finish up tonight, but I’ll be sure to update on the frenzy of finals week.

The Transfer Student


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