The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

November 17, 2008

I think I see it…then again I could be waking up on the SEPTA tracks.

I am so tired. I am so tired and I feel awful on many, many levels. My weekend was relaxing, but unfortunately, despite the fact that I did get a fair amount of work done, I was nowhere near where I wanted to be for this week. My philosophy paper was late, and not even started, my econ notes on the Kuttner book were complete, and I still have to meet with my professors and rework my research paper. So I decided to bite the bullet and began working in Willets around 11. (I got back to campus around 9.) I went into the quiet room, but still found it impossible to concentrate. I pounded out more than half of my Kuttner paper, and then turned my attention back to Descartes. But I distracted myself with a thousand other useless activities, and it ended up taking me until about 6:30 in the morning to finish the Descartes paper. I emailed it to my infinitely understanding WA, who is a prince among men, and then decided to finish my econ paper. I did so, and it was just after eight. I went upstairs to my room, took a shower, then kept myself up by watching tv on my laptop. Having missed so many econ classes, I was terrified of missing another. So I stayed up, got to econ early…and drifted off about fifty times in class. I was mortified. This is a small school with small classes, and I’m sure my econ professor thinks I was doing a lot of hard drugs before coming to class. Great. I could not be making a worse impression on my prof if I showed up to class naked and started hula hooping. In fact, that may have even been preferable to falling asleep over and over, and then asking stupid questions.

But then it was over. I fell asleep finally for an hour, but it was during my aerobics class. So I have to go talk to her and explain why I haven’t been in class, and also beg Martin Warner (the registrar), to let me take gym classes at my local community college.

That was my painful day. I’m going over to a Hallowell sleepover tonight for chinese food and Desperate Housewives with Rayan. Oh, and today marked the beginning of Willets ASSassins…you are given a “kill” assignment, and have to kill the person by grabbing both of their asscheeks. So I’ve been covering my ass (literally, I had a guitar on my back all day), and plotting my kill. Wish me luck!

Fiendishly yours,
The Transfer Student


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