The Deep Breath Weekend.

November 15, 2008

I’m currently at my parents’ home in Bel Air, MD. It’s a Saturday evening, and it smells like homemade soup. A bad Lifetime movie is playing as I sit on the couch and work leisurely on my poli sci research paper and my econ paper. I’m waiting to eat dinner and sipping on my first Starbucks drink in way too long. Still haven’t quite figured out my philosophy paper, but I’m planning on completely writing it tomorrow before I return to Swat.

This past week was possibly one of the worst weeks I’ve ever had at Swat. I finally got back my American Elections midterm, B-. I was actually pretty happy about that. The same day, I started working on my Descartes paper for philosophy. But I could not find anywhere the answers to the questions asked by my professor. Eldridge is a fantastic philosophy professor, and he really knows what he’s talking about, but unless you have pass/fail, I would not recommend his intro course. Philosophy and decoding works of philosophy does not come naturally to me, and it is extremely difficult when you are juggling the first-year adjustment and three other classes. So I’m still plugging away on that, but Prof. Eldridge is really understanding.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful academia-wise, but there were a lot of stressful situations outside of classes. Dorm life sucks guys, I’m not going to lie. But at least at Swat, I’m guaranteed a single as a junior next year.

Thursday was mainly spent dealing with the aforementioned stressful situation, and I fell asleep during the (not so great) econ lecture on Thursday. I assumed the taxi driver subject would be more exciting, but according to Rich who filled me in, it was not. I went off to McCabe, forgoing Pub Nite. I got a little bit of my research paper done (which, from my literature review, my professors informed me I was doing all wrong), and after an hour and a half of working, Greg and Ted came and found me in the library. Greg’s birthday was Tuesday, we all went out to a Vietnamese restaurant and had a good time in Philly. Apparently he received a lot of classy food for his birthday, so I was persuaded to his room for some assorted cheeses, olive tapenade, port-soaked sausage, and Japanese beer. It was a refreshing night, and I was still able to get back to Willets an hour or so later and finish some more work.

Friday was awful. The weather was terrible, and to make matters even worse, I slept through yet another Econ class when my alarm didn’t go off. I was mortified, but I sat down and started getting ahead on some Econ reading in an attempt to make up for it. But it got better, because my mom picked me up at 4:30, took me to Panera, and then took me home. It’s definitely nice to be only an hour and a half away for times like this when life is just too stressful to deal with.

So I haven’t been super productive today, but I was infinitely more productive than I would have been had I stayed at Swat. Moral of this story? When life gets too tough to deal with, find a place you can breathe.

Yours in zen,
The Transfer Student


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