The Quick Shout-Out.

November 8, 2008

That’s right, it’s time for a shout-out. I’m like a hockey mom at a VP debate.

But seriously…there are voices coming either from Worth, or Mephistos, I can’t quite tell from Fort Metaphor. For the last twenty minutes or so, they’ve been doing a seemingly spontaneous medley ranging from Coldplay to “My Darling Clementine” to “I Will Survive”. It’s pretty great, and major kudos to everyone involved in that.

So yes, it’s Saturday night, about 10 PM, and I am chilling in Fort Metaphor. I was in Hallowell with the usual suspects, but fell asleep and decided to come back to Willets. I’m just trying to take some notes on Econ before I go to tutoring tomorrow, then I’m going to curl up and watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and go to sleep.

Yesterday and today were spent largely at UPenn. I was able to go to Econ Friday, and get some work done before heading off. Today we had to be in the van by 8:15…it was not a lot of fun. Plus, with my terrible decision-making skills, I didn’t actually get into bed until about 4:30, and got up before 7:30. Arly, my debate partner for the ProAms (pro/amateur), got about the same amount of sleep. So needless to say, we were not as focused as we could have been, but still had a really good time. UPenn was running ridiculously late on everything. They were supposed to announce quarterfinalists by around 1 PM…and announced them at 4:30. They did however try to make it up to us by playing “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” nearly nonstop. It’s one of my favorite shows, but I could watch it for five hours on my own time, instead of fiddling around at Penn. 

Anyway, no one from Swat qualified, which definitely has its good and bad sides. The bad is obviously that we didn’t qualify, but the good is that we got to go home! I had a pretty shoddy meal at Sharples (don’t try and get food 5 mins. before they close), and then headed over to Hallowell, and now here I am.

I’m looking forward to this week…I’m going to be cracking down on things, but fortunately have received the medical OK to unwrap my hand, having determined which bone is actually affected. I have a Philosophy paper due this Thursday, and Econ paper due next Wednesday, and (ominous music)…the BIG research paper for my elections class due Friday the 21st. I actually have most of it outlined, and pounded through some of it during my Penn downtime. My goal is to power through these papers this week, so that I can go to American University for debate next weekend. That would be great because I could stay with my best friend from high school Kayla. If I can’t get my research paper finished this week though, I may just head home for the weekend, to get some quiet, distraction free time and delicious cooking. Either way, I’m happy, and either way I’ll be working hard this week.

Cheers, beers, impromptu choruses, and yours,
The Transfer Student


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