The Election.

November 5, 2008

I am a pessimist. I am a cynic. I am a perpetual, eternal, glass-half-empty kind of woman.

But tonight, tonight I am giving up cynicism, however temporary that may be. Barack Obama won the election, and while I do not have the high hopes of many that all the problems in the country will be fixed, I do know that we are infinitely better off than we would be with a McCain presidency.

I got up, went to class, and became increasingly antsy about the election, decided to go with Rich and Rayan to do some last minute canvassing. I dragged Ted along, and we all got our assignments at Delaware county campaign headquarters. I went around with Rayan, knocking on doors to make sure everyone voted.

Then it was back to Swat! We met up with Erick and Robert at Upper Tarble, and watched the results unfold on CNN. After PA and OH were called, we were all ecstatic. After traipsing downstairs to Paces for some all-you-could-eat pancakes, we went back up to watch the final throes. The entire room counted down to the close of the west coast polls, and then the screen flashed the unbelievable words, “BARACK OBAMA ELECTED PRESIDENT”. Tarble leapt to its feet, screaming, myself included. Jordan from debate ran over to us with a bottle of champaign, and the rest was a blur.

Yes, I am a cynic, a pessimist, and a poli sci major. Yes, I believe Obama is a professional politician whose positions I disagree with on a lot of things. But we are so much better off, and this is really a milestone in equal civil rights. It was incredibly touching to see that that so many have worked for since the Civil Rights Movement come to fruition.

So tomorrow, I may be back to critical cynicism, but tonight I am filled with happiness and pride in the fact that for once, so many people can feel like they have a voice in our political system.

Cheers to President-Elect Obama (and his supportive streakers outside Parrish),
The Transfer Student


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