The First Swat Holiday.

November 3, 2008

Well, this weekend marked the first big Swat holiday that I have been present for. That’s right, it was Halloween.

And it was nuts.

Halloween for me started on Thursday. I had stayed up all night on Wednesday, revising my philosophy paper and finishing my lit. review. I took a short nap, then went to my classes. Afterwards, I napped until my parents arrived. We went to Panera, and then saw Michael Greenstone, with whom I had dinner in California, give a speech about global warming and its effects on health from an economic standpoint.

It was great to see my parents…I think I’ll go home next weekend to have some relaxation time. Fall break was such a tease, I now cannot wait for winter break.

From seeing my parents, I went to Pub Night. I even had them bring up a pitcher so my table would for once be well stocked with beer. I even got a dollar off for wearing a mask to the event, and since I was in a dress, my tattoo was visible and got a lot of attention. It was a pretty moderate night, and I capped it off by watching “Teeth” with Rich, Rayan, Ted, and Jasper. That movie is ridiculously hilarious, and completely terrible at the same time. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants a huge graphic laugh at the expense of these poor actors.

Then it was Friday! I went to Econ, then vegetated in the Willets lounge until Rich and Rayan suggested a trip into Philly. Ted, Rich, Rayan, Erick, Charlotte and I met at the train station, and made our way to the Market East station. After purchasing an impressive amount of alcohol for Rayan’s birthday, we went to Muriarty’s where Rayan ordered his first “legal lager”! Then we had to wait over an hour for a train, because of the Phillies craziness, but a photo shoot ensued in the train station and made it worth it.

Then Saturday…oh Saturday. Saturday started late because Friday ended late, and I spent my time pre-party making sashes for our seven deadly sins costumes. I then made my way to Hallowell to get everyone’s costume ready, and then to Alice Paul for Rayan’s party! The party was crazy, hilarious, and fun, and since I was dressed as Wrath, I picked a lot of fights. We moved onto the Sharples party…and it was massive. It was seriously so insane and crowded, I couldn’t find anyone! After having a few drinks, embarassing myself endlessly, and dancing my heart out, I headed back to Willets with Ted. When we were hanging out in Ted’s room, our awesome RA Grant came in. Apparently I was in a terrible mood for whatever reason, and began shouting to  him about how terribly unfair life is, and punctuated these points by repeatedly pounding my hand against the cement wall of Willets. This did not work out so well for me, because I think I may have broken a bone in my hand. (Typing this entry has taken hours and been quite painful.) Oh well, it was still a pretty fun weekend.

And Sunday, we got an extra hour, so I wasted it, and several others. I am about to start on my research paper, and am looking forward to the ProAm debate tournament at Penn this weekend. Not to mention…the election TOMORROW?! I am hoping against hope that I lose the bet I have going with Erick. Yes, I’ll have blue hair for a few months, but at least McCain won’t be in office. I’ve actually allowed myself to be optimistic about tomorrow…EVERYONE GO VOTE.

Wish me luck (and fast healing),
The Transfer Student


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