The Great Debate, the Greater Break.

October 25, 2008

Wow. I just had one hell of a stressful (but fun) few weeks. I’m a little pertrurbed that I wasn’t responsible enough to update this, because now I’m going to have to make this entry either devoid of details or very long. Since it’s nearly 4 am and I’m exhausted, I’ll go with the former.

The week before break was very stressful, with midterms and such. But after that, I attended an epic Pub Nite. Then I got up a few hours later and went with Peaslee to the Harvard debate. We got lost in New Jersey for what felt like an eternity, and about eight hours after we left, finally arrived. It was a lot of fun, I was paired up with Xander and we won three and lost two debates. Friday night was fun, the entire team (those in attendance) went to a Mexican restaurant and walked around Boston, and then Gabe, Charlotte and I went to a few of the lame Harvard parties. They were pretty pathetic, but as Gabe put it, we got just enough alcohol in our systems to not mind our shitty sleeping conditiions.

Saturday was fun as well, except Harvard screwed us out of lunch, and we almost were there too late to go back to Swat. I really wanted to go back so that Arly’s mom could pick us up and take us home at a reasonable hour, and luckily we were able to do so. Sunday Arly and I ventured into the Ville for a fancy Dunkin Donuts brunch, since there were no on-campus food options the weekend of break.

It was really nice to get home, even if I was completely unproductive. I got a tattoo, which was very exciting, albeit painful. I got to see my extended family, and all in all had a really great time. Kayla was even up from DC so I got to see her. I even hung out with the other Harco Swattie, we went to some local Halloween shops and had a lot of fun. The break went by way too quickly though, and although I’m working harder than ever, I’m a little dazed at the transition back to Swat.

I did not do very well on my first midterm, so I have really determined kicked it into high gear for the remainder of term. Total I have spent about fifteen out of class hours studying for that class this week, so I’m definitely on the right track. It was a little bit of a wake up call I think…this is why first years, excuse me, freshmen get pass/fail. But now I can sort of gauge Swat work and what I need to do to be successful in it.

I did take a break from working to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday, she turned twenty! And Ashley of course turned twenty-one. I’m actually missing her and the west coast a lot at the moment, hopefully I can get out there for spring break. And of course, after four solid days of nonstop work, I rewarded myself with the most incredible of pub nights to date. That’s another great thing about a week long break, I partially lost my tolerance for alcohol and had a ridiculously good time, even though the night didn’t end that well. But I was up and at ’em for econ this morning, so all is well that ends well.

Oh, and I went into Philly tonight with a bunch of the boys…it was a lot of fun, and of course a crock of french onion soup, a cheesesteak, and onion rings is always a nice change to Sharples. Halloween is next week, and I am READY. My first real college Halloween! I’m very excited.

Well, those are the updates. The laptop is dying, and so am I, so time for bed.

Sleepily yours,
The Transfer Student


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