The Post-Weekend, Partial-Week Update.

October 8, 2008

Here I am at my laptop, yet again, pretending that I sat down to blog, rather than study, and I’m actually performing a valuable service to others, rather than shamelessly procrastinating even further. So my last entry involved my unfortunate blood donation (or lack thereof). I felt a little weird for a few days after that, but now I’m fine. I wasn’t able to make it to a couple of classes last week because I was feeling so awful, but my professors were very understanding, which is nice.

After the blood debacle, my week was mainly concentrated on debate, since the Swat Novice Tournament was this weekend. Thursday was spent polishing up cases, and I actually debeated Charlotte and her partner Adam with Rich. Made it off to Pub Nite (which may or may not have been a great decision due to my limited blood supply), and actually ran into one of my debate friends, Arly. He’s also from Harford County, and we decided to carpool to and from October break. (I would link to him, but he’s apparently above Facebook.)

Friday started the Novice Tournament. It kind of sucked because I had to miss the “Dactyl Hunt”, which is this huge deal where a gigantic portion of the campus dresses up and “hunts” monsters. It looked insane, so I’m definitely toying with the idea of attending the madness next year.

But debate went well…it stretched over two days, as college tournaments do. It was nice that it was here, even though there will be very few other events for which I will be willing to wake up at 8 a.m. on a precious Saturday. Rich was my partner, and we ended up coming out with two wins, three losses. It was a little disappointing, because we felt as we got some bullshit calls with one judge, but two novice teams broke to quarterfinals, and one of them won the whole thing!

I skulked over to a Danawell barbecue (courtesy of Rayan, dutiful Hallowell resident and best person ever) after debate, but didn’t eat much. After a trip to Essie Mae’s and a two hour nap with fellow fort enthusiast Greg, I went with Ted, Jeanie, Richard, and Charlotte to Olde Club. The party was fun, but they ran out of drinks way too early in the night. It was probably for the best, since I still had an unusually limited blood supply, but still. But the night improved, because Jess came up around 2 a.m., and we wandered around campus before I finally went to bed.

Sunday was exciting, I got my hair professionally cut and dyed! I haven’t had my hair cut by a professional since my fifteenth birthday, so it was a big deal. I’m really happy with it, and can’t wait to show it off during fall break.

WHICH IS NEXT WEEK. Thank god. The only downside is that I have two midterms tomorrow, for which I have been procrastinating studying…procrastinating for a very, very. So in the last two days I have had one nervous breakdown, an entire pot of coffee, and a cumulative seven hours of sleep in an attempt to really cram. Obviously, as I am blogging, the experiment has been a failure, and my brain has been reduced to a feverish mush rather than a lean, mean, econ/poli. sci. machine.

But tomorrow, regardless of my preparedness, midterms will be OVER. And after a glorious pub night, I will get into a van 7 a.m., head to Harvard for a debate, and on Sunday be back in Maryland.

Back to studying,
The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Post-Weekend, Partial-Week Update.”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    even if the only drink left at an olde club party is “yellow”, the night will never be boring as long as you have someone attractive to head back with. really, that’s the only reason i’m with richard. i couldn’t tolerate a weekend on this tiny campus otherwise.
    just kidding! though that sure is a plus…

    and hey, i know you can make it through this week because: a) you’re a scientist and b) you’re a transfer. rock on woman. or you could try my method: skip all your classes and spend that time sleeping because you were up too late trying to finish the reading for your class to be functional. so effective.

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