The Bloodless Entry.

October 1, 2008

It is 4 AM. I am exhausted. I got nothing done that I should have today. This will be the shortest entry of all time,  because it is very important advice that I feel everyone should have.

Make sure you eat a lot more than you think you need to before you give blood. Otherwise you will get to the blood drive in Upper Tarble, go through all the administrative steps, get to the table, get stuck with a needle, and bleed for 15 minutes…before losing consciousness multiple times and feeling like crap for hours afterwards.

So yeah…my day kind of sucked and I’m definitely looking forward to feeling better and debate on Saturday. Not to mention fall break in a week and a half? Hopefully I’ll start feeling better really soon so I can actually be productive and do well on the midterms I have next week.

Yours in being completely drained (literally),
The Transfer Student


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