The Greatest Discovery Weekend That Ever Was.

September 30, 2008

It’s Monday night, well Tuesday morning, 3:15, and I just figured that if I’m not sleeping, I might as well be blogging. And what is there to blog about? Why, Discovery Weekend, of course!

The weekend was really amazing, I had a great time with the specs. I picked up Victoria at 9:30…pretty damn early by my standards, especially since I had been up being unproductive since past 4:30 in the morning. But everything went off smoothly in Parrish, and I took Victoria back to Willets. Charlotte was up (of course, that crazy morning person), and we sat around in the room talking to her for a bit. Then we went off on a mini tour, and when we got to Tarble, we came across two specs that actually were being hosted by the wonderful Ben Starr. He was out driving the shuttle to Philly, so they tagged along for my unofficial tour. We hung out in the Kohlberg lounge for a while, I just answered questions about Swarthmore really. I took the three of them back to Willets where I was able to commandeer Ted into touring around with me. We took the specs to David Kemp/Alice Paul, and Mertz.

Then Charlotte called to let us know that she had found her first spec, Kayla, who had come all the way from Hawaii. It was around the time I was supposed to meet Marielle, my second spec, so Ted, Victoria, Eric, David, and I headed to Parrish. I couldn’t find Marielle, so we hung out and watched Juno in the admissions commons for a little bit. I decided to wait until the final host matching at 5:30 to find her. Charlotte and Kayla met up with us, and we all went to Sharples. (We had to assure the specs that the food and housing was an anomale, and that Swarthmore is actually an incredible place to go to school.) Charlotte’s second spec Sudie actually joined us for lunch.

From there we trekked over to Jeanie’s room and met her first spec Devica. Then it was time for all of them to go to the various activities that the administration had planned for them. So I hung out with Ted, Jeanie, Greg, and Rayan, and we decided to have a bonfire to welcome the specs. They ended up not actually coming to the bonfire, because there was also an ice cream social happening, but the Cabal had some damn good s’mores. By the time I got back to Willets, Charlotte and the four specs were all fast asleep in the room. It was pretty freaking adorable. I stayed up really late, and then also slept really late. As a result, I didn’t actually see the specs on Sunday until after dinner at Anna’s.

Dinner at Anna’s was nice, but I think the Barn has been crossed off of my “places I’d like to live” list. Wharton though, definitely number one on that list. I’ve decided that I really want to be an RA in Wharton, that’s my goal for next year.

I stayed up all night with a bunch of specs, namely Kayla, Asha, and two other guys. Jasper and Ted stayed up too, and we went out at four thirty or five to chase the deer that were running around the Willets yard. It was great, but my alarm was screwed up and I slept through everything I needed to get done today. Oops. And then I had to skip my gym class yet again because I had so much work. But at least I got both my Rilke paper philosophy and my paper on the presidential debate.

Oh yes. Friday. The presidential debate. Maybe my mind was still reeling from having served Eugene Lang red wine at the Board of Managers meeting, maybe my feet were swelling up and taking away my brain functions in an inexplicable and scientifically impossible phenomenon, but that debate felt like it was hosted in Crazytown. I could not believe some of the things both sides were saying. We’re either going to freeze all discretionary spending, or we’re going to send our troops out of Iraq into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Fantastic. Not to mention the bill that got shot down today in the house…you know, the only plan these two guys had. The next four years should be just great.

And on that depressing note, I’m hightailing it to bed. Oh, I revamped The Fort! The Fort is my awesome top bunk bed that is shrouded in sheer red curtains. Today I went to the bookstore (to use the coupon Kayla gave me), and I bought these little string lights and put them up inside the Fort. It’s pretty great, because it lights up my area while just casting a soft glow throughout the rest of the room, effectively solving the problems I have because Charlotte and I are on such different sleep schedules.

That’s all for now…hopefully this weekend will be just as fun as Discovery Weekend!

The Transfer Student


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    Devika. close but not close enough.

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