The Impending Weekend Insanity.

September 26, 2008

For those of you who skipped past the title, the impending weekend is going to be insane. And also…today marks one month of Swarthmore! I’m both seeing it as a very cool milestone, and a kind of horrifying realization that I’ve slept in Willets for a month straight with eight more to come.

I went to debate yesterday, and I was actually offered the opportunity to go to Columbia! I thought that was so awesome of the debate team to consider me. However, like an hour before they invited me, I had received an email telling me that I’m hosting not one, but two prospective students for Discovery Weekend. I would have Charlotte pick them up and take over when I get back from Columbia, but she’s picking up two specs as well! And Jeanie got two also! So I figured that would be too much craziness for one person, and had to cancel on the Columbia trip. It kind of sucks, but at least it’ll be a lucrative weekend. Besides hosting the specs, I’m also catering the Board of Managers luncheon at 3:00.

So today is devoted to catering and the presidential debates (though I still haven’t checked to see if they’re actually happening), Saturday is devoted to the specs, and Sunday will again be devoted to me locking myself in McCabe with my Econ textbook until I’m completely dazed after five or so hours of reading. Speaking of the presidential debates, I think the impending doom of our country has swayed me to the obvious solution for my unwillingness to vote for Obama: voter fraud. That’s right, voter fraud. (Admissions is slowly beginning to regret linking my blog to their site…) But hear me out. I’m going to absentee vote in MD for Kucinich, since MD doesn’t count absentee ballots unless there is a tie, and it’s a blue state that’s going to Obama anyway.

Anna and Esther, my CAs, sent all of the transfers an email asking if we wanted to go to Anna’s apartment for a homecooked meal to celebrate the fact that we’ve all made it through the first month. The answer to that is of course YES, because it means a night with real food rather than Sharples.

That’s about it, tons and tons of updates to follow.

Frenzied and yours,
The Transfer Student


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