The Weekend…and Also Monday.

September 23, 2008

A disclaimer: this blog is going to be roughly 1/2 cautionary tale, 1/2 crazy rant.

So this weekend started as most weekends do, it was the close of a crazy week academically, and I was looking forward to both letting loose at various parties, and cozying up to my good friend Milton Friedman (and Paul Krugman, author of my Econ textbook, though we’re less close than Milty and I), and getting my Peaslee chops at the in-house debate on Saturday. That plan has not entirely come to fruition. So begins the cautionary tale…

I slept for the better part of Friday during the day, allowing my sleep-starved body to languish in my top bunk fort for much longer than I ever have before. It was fantastic, and after slinking out of the bed and into the shower, I went to Peaslee office hours with Rich, and we hashed out our two cases with Alex, Cyrus, Arly, and some other Peaslee people. They’re really great, and a lot of fun. Arly is actually originally from Fallston, which is literally right next to Bel Air. (For anyone that’s wondering, Arly is still living in the 19th century and does not have a Facebook, hence the lack of link.) It was pretty cool to meet someone who went to a rival high school, Swat is such a small, diverse place that you wouldn’t even expect it.

After that, I went to dinner with some Caballers, then Erick, Ted, Greg, Rich and I went in search of fun happenings. We attempted to get the movie shuttle, and failed. We attempted to take the free train to Philly, and failed. Then we found Rayan and Michael at the free sushi event (talk about sketchy, free sushi in a trailer? No thanks.), and wandered around for a while, conceding that there was absolutely nothing fun to do. I went back to Willets, dejected, to snuggle up with Milty, and actually get some work done. But I passed by Taleah’s room, she was a fellow stranded Biden-goer. She and her friend Grace let me in on the info that Paces was having a party, so I was able to round up Ted and Michael and hightail it there.

There I consumed more than my share of “mango passions”, which is where the cautionary tale begins. Always know what you’re drinking…and how much…and your limits. The night did not end well. Nor did the morning begin well, since I was violently ill and had to miss the practice debate tournament. 😦

Things did take a turn for the better when I went to the library and put myself on lockdown Sunday. I spent four and a half hours plugging through Milton Friedman, and as dazed as I was afterwards, it felt great to accomplish something.

And then today…oh, Monday. Econ and Aerobics went well, as did my meeting with Vivaan, but after debate, everything went to pot. I went to the library with Ted, not so much to study as to get out of Willets, and we went in search of the free tea we had heard about. We located it, all was well, and then…my cup collapsed and I scalded my arm. Ted suggested I sue Swarthmore for exactly $150,000 for their faulty cups…sounds like a plan to me! 😉 Anyway, tonight was my first trip to the very nice, very competent night nurse at the Worth Health Center.

Let’s just recap this: don’t overdo it on a Friday night, do read Milton Friedman/accomplish lots of academic goodness, and be careful with the cheap cups at McCabe.

Blistered, battered, and still yours,
The Transfer Student


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