The Ugly Econ Major Inside.

September 23, 2008

This blog entry has absolutely nothing to do with Swarthmore, although it has been my time here that really brought my love of economics to a boil.

I was just on Yahoo!, and this is the top news story: “Design Changes Unveiled for Lincoln Penny”.

…we’re in a completely new, possibly the worst economic situation to date, and we’re changing the PENNY?! FOR LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY?!? WHAT THE HELL US MINT. Are you SERIOUS? I mean come on…can you say rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? The Mint honestly has nothing better to do than redesign the penny. They are fiddling (with one cent pieces no less) as Rome burns.

Everybody say hello to the most hilariously useless bureau in our government…The US Mint!

Exasperatedly yours,
The Transfer Student

P.S. Getting a little frightened by the frequent sounds of what could either be crazy wind/a jet taking off outside of Willets. Anyone know what that’s all about?


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