The Quickest Update Ever.

September 16, 2008

Ok, I am ridiculously behind on work (i.e., a rewrite of a paper due in less than an hour, and a soc-anth project that I haven’t even looked at yet), but I wanted to just rattle off some quick updates:

*I was CRUSHED in the election…not surprising since only a third of the student body voted, my platform only ran in one of the two news outlets, and my name is not a recognizable one (having only been in the school for three weeks). So yeah, a pretty predictable outcome, but I’m not going to let getting Mondaled get me down. I’m going to be running (and actually campaigning) for Student Council the next chance I get.
*I’m getting responses from various sources from Georgia for my WNR piece…yay! I can’t wait to actually *attempt* putting a piece together.  It might fall through, but it’s still a really cool experience.
*I’m going with Jeanie and Ted to see Biden speak in Media tonight. It should be…interesting to say the least. Or actually, probably to say the most.
*Dukakis is coming to campus tomorrow! I’m so excited. I’m hoping I get randomly selected to have dinner with him after his speech. My American Elections class gets to have eight students eat dinner with the former governor, and it would be so amazing to be one of the eight. Fingers crossed!

Alright, now it’s time to get to that Philosophy paper I’ve been putting off since, well, since it was assigned.

Frantically yours,
The Transfer Student


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