The Mondays.

September 15, 2008

Time for a quick update! It’s the third week of classes (amazingly), and I think I’ve finally gotten into the swing of things. This week is going to be kind of crazy, so actually today is going to be my calmest day. I just got back from my Econ class which was, as always, way too short. I always glance up at the clock when the class is more than halfway over, and I feel every time like I just sat down. I am highly, highly, HIGHLY recommending this class. TAKE PROFESSOR GOLUB! I have no idea what the tests or assignment grading is like, but no matter what it is, it has to be worth it because the class is so interesting, and even after just a few class meetings, you retain so much.

So that’s it for classes for today…I have reading for literally every single class. Two chapters of Freidman for Econ, two books of Plato for philosophy, three chapters of “Out of Order” and an article for American Elections, and then I’m meeting with Anna, a senior in my sociology/anthropology class to work on a group project that I have done absolutely zero research on thus far. Oh, and I also have to rewrite my paper on Rilke for my philosophy class as well.

Which reminds me, I should go into my weekend a little bit. Friday night was EXTREMELY uneventful, the Cabal strolled around in a desperate and fruitless attempt to find either alcohol or a fun time, and found neither. Very disappointing, but oh well, it happens.

Saturday was great! My parents came for a visit, and they brought Max, their little cat! It was so great seeing them, and finally being around a cat again. They took me, Ted, and Jeanie to the Panera in town, and then we drove around looking for a movie theater for like two hours…a movie theater that we never ended up finding. But it was still a ton of fun, and even just getting off campus is a nice break in Swat life. I miss my parents and Max already, but fall break is in less than a month! I can’t believe how fast everything is going.

Saturday night was “Freshman Disorientation” at Phi Si…I didn’t go, but a bunch of friends did, and they all came back extremely intoxicated. So if that’s your thing, definitely go! I was going to, but decided against it at the last minute.

Sunday was great because I slept allll day. Then I got up, went to my WA meeting and then the Willets barbecue. I should explain for any prospective students what a WA is. At Swat, it’s required that you take a writing course. It’s not necessarily a course specifically on writing, but there is a writing component to it. My philosophy class is one of these, and as such, I had to meet with a Writing Associate (at least, that’s what I think WA means) and have him take me through the ins and outs of what my professor wants. His name is Vivaan, he was a lot of fun, and he’s also a double major, Philosophy and Econ. So it was definitely helpful, as well as just a nice experience to talk to yet another person with whom I have a bit in common.

Then the Willets barbecue was tons of fun, mainly because it didn’t require eating at Sharples or Essie Mae’s. I spent the rest of my night not doing work (oops), and instead searching for hilarious mashups of songs on Youtube with Ted. I went to bed around four, having accomplished absolutely nothing and loving every second.

So back to the grind! This week should be great. I’ll be buried in work (I’m a nerd, I love it), AND on Wednesday I get to go to a Michael Dukakis speech on campus! Also, I think my American Elections class gets a special Q&A with him beforehand, so I’m pretty damn excited about all that. On top of that, Joe Biden is in Media tomorrow! So hopefully I can round up Cabal members (I know Jasper is definitely in, Jeanie probable will be too) and go see that tomorrow.

Until then, I have a whole boat load of work to do…so I’m off to do that. In theory.

The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Mondays.”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    there had to be more than alcohol in those phi psi drinks. there just had to be.
    i’ve never been that intoxicated in my life, and i didn’t drink that much. freshmen, be warned.

    and biden? yeah, i’ll totally go with you, as long as i can scowl the whole time and occasionally throw things at the stage. ❤

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