The Excitement!

September 11, 2008

I updated this fairly recently, but I thought I should go through and write another entry, because there are a lot of exciting things happening to me right now!

First things first, I finally took the plunge and submitted my platform for Campus Life Representative. I’m the only underclassman running, so I’m not expecting to win. I guess saying that I’m not expecting to win is kind of an understatement…I’m guessing that the students who have a lot of friends here, and have spent the last three years here instead of the last three weeks will crush me. But I do think I have a lot to offer the Student Council, and hey, nothing ventured nothing gained! (Any Swatties reading this, please join my Facebook group and get acquainted with my positions before voting closes!)

Even though my picture is pretty awful (not the fault of the photographer at all, who was extremely sweet), it was really cool to see myself in the Phoenix. I’m excited to make some flyers with the Cabal tonight, and see how it all plays out. Regardless of the final outcome, it’s great to be involved with something like this. Transfers, freshmen, I encourage ALL of you to get involved right off the bat!

Speaking of which, I will be going to a Peaslee Debate meeting tonight. Peaslee seems like a lot of fun, if you’re super serious about debate, definitely go for it. They have a tournament this weekend at Hopkins…if it were anywhere else I would go. But I feel like I JUST got out of Baltimore, I don’t need to go back quite yet.

I also went to my first day of work in the admissions office today! They didn’t have too much for me to do, I mainly alphabetized and ran little errands. I’m sure it’ll be a lot more work once the applications start rolling in, but right now it’s just nice to know that I have a job, but am not swamped.

While I was there, I picked up an application for hosting prospective students. (By the end of these three years, if I’m still this involved with the admissions office, I should probably reach dean status :P) I don’t know, nothing seems more fun to me than getting paid to socialize with high school kids and having a gigantic sleepover. There’s a distinct possibility that I’m driven by my Napolean complex, and just love the idea of seeming like an authority to a bunch of kids, but regardless, I’m going to do it! Charlotteand I are going to maximize the student-housing capabilities of our room to be as efficient in our hosting capacity as possible. (I think Professor Golub would be pretty proud of the way I’m thinking like an economist right now…)

And then I guess the last exciting thing would be that…this blog is now linked to the admissions website! Hooray! That’s right, this two month old blog has finally been legitimized! Now all you old readers will have to somehow defend your “indie cred” because you read it before it was mainstreamed onto the Swat website.

I think that’s about it! All in all, things are going great. The Cabal is going to the Philly Fringe Fest tomorrow, so that should be tons of fun. Can’t wait!

Exuberantly yours,
The Transfer Student


2 Responses to “The Excitement!”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    oh man, now i am so mainstream. augusta, i can’t read your blog anymore, i’m afraid.

  2. lisetteder Says:

    and by the way, the Cabal would totally have a blast if you guys host specs. yeah!

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