The Second Week.

September 9, 2008

Swat life has gotten the best of me, and I have failed to update this blog for a week. And, on top of that, I do actually (already) have a ton of work to get out of the way! So I will make this as short and sweet as possible.

I have now had all of my classes at least once. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my American Elections and Intro to Philosophy: Culture and Criticisms classes. Then Wednesdays are my busiest days, I start off with Econ, have a quick lunch, and then get to my 1:15-4:00 Sociology & Anthropology class (Our Therapeutic Culture). I finish off the day with Aerobics in Tarble, and a late dinner at Sharples. 😦

Friday is by far my easiest day, because I have all the joy of Economics with none of the pain of Aerobics, which makes it even better than Mondays and Wednesdays! Aerobics is really great for whipping your heart rate up, but I mainly just get really angry because it makes me so tired. Also, I’m not the most athletic person in the world, so that certainly doesn’t help.

Despite the intense rate at which work is piling up around all of us, the Cabal is alive and well. Jess came up from MD on Friday, and the entire Cabal (sans Greg who was in DC), went to the Friday night swim party. Then Saturday, I frequented the DU frat party with a few Cabal members (namely Ted, Rayan, Michael, and Jasper), at which we didn’t spend much time. Jess stayed all the way until Sunday night, which was definitely a pleasant surprise. Hurricane Hannah was making the roads less that fun to drive on, and besides, we had a blast. Saturday during the day we had a lazy movie day in Hallowell(don’t EVER let Charlotte and Michael talk  you into watching Labrynth, it is not that great), and on Sunday, Jess took me, Ted, and Michael to Panera, Borders, and Target. Panera was definitely the highlight of the day…I forgot what truly delicious food tastes like.

And then back to the grind on Monday! I’m working really hard on balancing everything out so I can start having all my homework done and still be able to participate in things like War News Radio and Peaslee.

On a depressing note, I decided to end things with Chad because I’m too distracted and wrapped up in Swat and everything new around me. He’s a fantastic guy, but right now it just isn’t feasible to be in a long distance relationship.

Well, I’ve all but finished my homework, so I’m going to go try and find some Caballers with Ted.

The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Second Week.”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    oh man. that’s SO depressing. you’re right, Panera really does seem like the next best thing to gourmet right now. i am incredibly jealous of your experience.

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