The Last Weekend.

August 25, 2008

I was very tempted to instead title this, “The Lost Weekend”, but I then decided that there is probably not an abundance of Lennon fans reading this.

I just finished my last weekend in Bel Air. I am so nervous, I feel like my stomach could actually dislodge itself from my body and jump out to the ground. Although I leave in about fifteen hours, I still need to do my laundry, order my pictures that I want to put up in my dorm room, and start the long process of packing and cleaning. I still have so much to do, and I’m not sure when the fact that I’ll be moving to Swarthmore in less than one day is going to become real to me.

Friday night was a lot of fun, Chad and I went out to dinner with Rachel and Turtle. They’re pretty hilarious, so it was really nice to just go out with the three of them and get my mind off of things. (As if that really worked…) Then Chad and I went back to my house and spent our last night together. He left for the beach Saturday morning, and I wasn’t really sad about it until he came into my room early in the morning and said goodbye. I felt like I was going to cry! I mean, I know it isn’t as far as Portland by any means, but I have no idea whether or not I’m going to constantly be overwhelmed by Swat. I’m going to be working so hard and so much that we probably will not get to see each other that often. It’s weird to not see him every day, since I’ve seen him basically every day since the beginning of April.

Saturday was AMAZING. I got up, showered, got ready, and then Matt Toby picked me up. Matt is my good friend from high school, and he’s basically a Bel Air legend. I love him to death. We went into Towson for sushi (if you’re ever in Towson, GO TO SUSHI HANA, it’s amazing), then we hightailed it to Charm City. We went into the part of downtown where Soundgarden, one of my favorite record stores, is. Right next to Soundgarden is a cute little building that is actually a tattoo/piercing place called Saints and Sinners. I really wanted to get my tattoo, but obviously reason prevailed, and so did my empty wallet. But I did get my nose repierced, which was awesome. It bled a lot, but it isn’t red or swollen at all, which is great.

After Matt Toby and my adventures in Murderland, I went home to meet my parents for my mom‘s birthday dinner. Her actual birthday is Wednesday, so unfortunately I won’t be home. 😦 To make up for it, we went to the Melting Pot, an awesome fondue restaurant. It was amazing!! We just stuck to cheese fondue and chocolate fondue, but we all felt like we were going to explode.

Then yesterday, I was supposed to just chill out and pack and start getting things in order. But I didn’t really do that at all…at all. So I should definitely go do that!

Tonight my parents and I are having my birthday dinner…the Christensen classic “meat fondue”. Jess is coming over too, it’ll be really nice to see her one last time before leaving.

Well I’m going to go try and put a dent in the mountain of things still left to do. And then tomorrow…I’ll begin actually documenting my on-campus transfer experience!

Complete with butterflies and nerves,
The Transfer Student


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