The Official Acer Smear Campaign.

August 22, 2008

About two weeks ago, I sent off my Acer laptop to the Texas servicing facility. When I was on the west coast, it became harder and harder to get the laptop to recognize that the power supply was plugged in, and eventually it became impossible. So, after a few months of dealing with that, I finally sent it away. The brilliant Acer tech people told my dad that, including shipping, turnaround time was usually between three and five days.

Two business weeks later, the same people told my dad that it would be another five to seven business days to ship it back. After some classic Christensen bullying, Acer overnighted my computer to me.

When I finally opened up my laptop, I noticed that it had been completely cleaned. Ok. That’s fine. Then, after it configured updates and did whatever other nonsense, I saw that my background picture had disappeared from the desktop. And THEN I found that all of my Documents, Pictures, Music, and other folders were completely empty. I had gone from having a dangerously full hard drive to having 73 of 82 GB free. They replaced the mainboard and ran updates, and NOWHERE in their summary did they say they had decimated my hard drive. I guess that comes free with the Acer package.

So basically, NEVER EVER EVER get an Acer. The system is terrible, the service is worse, and I’m going to spend a lot of my precious last four days at home figuring out how to get my backed up information back onto my computer.

The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Official Acer Smear Campaign.”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    your problem and the result sounds a lot like what happened to my laptop last year, except my parents bought a gateway at best buy and chose to insure it with geek squad. given that information, most in the know people would be laughing already and could have predicted that my outcome would be nearly identical to yours.

    that really really sucks. good luck getting everything back together. but…at least you had everything backed up!

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