The Plan, Christian Bale (a.k.a, A More In-Depth Discourse on Good, Evil, Human Nature, and Course Selection).

August 21, 2008

Ok.. this is what I’ve come up with as my first round of picks, as it were. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether or not this schedule (or any others) is even possible, because somehow, the “course catalog” doesn’t list any days or times?! What is up with that?? Jeanie? Danny?? Dean Campbell??? SOMEONE? Anyway:

Econ 001 – Exactly what it looks like, this is your essential, intro to economics course. If this class goes well, I’ll solidify my double major dream.

Phil 001 – One of the ways I’m going to fill my division reqs., intro to philosophy. Yes, I’m admittedly not a fan of bullshit artistry, but I’m sure that at Swat, pretty much anything is fantastic. Plus, maybe the professor will make me understand why I should care about philosophers instead of ignoring them and making my own philosophies.

Pols 022 OR 032 (if I can take 3 level classes) – I’ve already taken three poli sci classes, but I have to talk to my advisor and make sure that what I took at PCC actually counts towards my major. PS 022 is “American Elections: Ritual, Myth, and Substance”. Sounds. AMAZING. And, if I can take a 3 level course, I’d like to take PS 032. OH WAIT, I JUST LOOKED. Not offered 2008-2009. Then why, oh might course catalog creator, would you include it? Seriously? That 50k a year I’ll be paying back to my parents avec interest couldn’t hire just one person to update the catalog? ACK! The FRUSTRATION!

Soan 005 – That was another course I wanted to take, a really cool, basic sociology-anthropology course. But hey guess what? Not offered this year. THANKS, GUYS!

Phys Ed. Aerobics – Self-explanatory, I need to whip my big gut and big butt into shape.

OK…well apparently, my first tier of consideration went from four academics and one de-stresser went to three academics and one de-stresser. Hm. Back to the drawing board, one sec…

Ok. I don’t think I should take any maths or sciences on my way in, if I want to actually make it through the year.


I started this entry three days ago. It is 4:30 AM, and I am so tired I could cry. Anyone reading this, PLEASE recognize that this is not the fault of the course catalog, it is due to many extenuating circumstances, including the death of my dear friend’s grandfather. I spent yesterday, well, Tuesday, speeding down 95 south to retrieve my best friend Kayla from DC, then went back into DC with her and Rachel. Also, I am still reeling from the fact that seeing pandas for the first time at the zoo in DC did not change my life.

But if was great to see where Kayla is living at American. Being in her dorm (also a triple, go figure) just made me so unbelievably excited to get to Swat. I’m so nervous, excited, and basically in shock. I’m somehow trying to convince myself that five days is actually a really long time, that I have way more than two days to spend with my boyfriend, and that I could not possibly be moving out of my parents’ house and away from Max the little black kitty in less than a week.

I have finally come up with a schedule that works for me, though. Danny and Jeanie were able to point me in the right direction for finding times and instructors, so if anyone needs to look up classes for themselves, just go here to search.

Barring any words of warning from the advisor, this is what I’m going to take fall semester:
Pols 022 – T TH – 9:55 to 11:10 – Prof. Nackenoff/Reeves – American Elections: Ritual, Myth, and Substance
Econ 001 – M W F – 11:30 to 12:20 – Prof. Golub – Intro to Econ
Econ 011 – M – 2:00 to 2:50 – Prof. Magenheim – Intermediate Microeconomics
Phil 001 02 – T TH – 1:15 to 2:30 – Prof. Eldridge – Intro to Philosophy: Criticism and Culture
Phed 011 01 – MW – 5:00 to 6:30 – Prof. Noveral – Aerobics (full semester)

The only one I’m kind of torn about is the aerobics. It’s two PE credits, which is fine, I just don’t know how having a class that late will interfere with extracirriculars or campus jobs…I’ll talk to my advisor about it.

All in all, I’m pleased with the schedule. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that in a week I found out that my advisor is just as pleased!

Exhaustedly yours,
The Transfer Student

P.S. For any transfers (and of course, other readers as well) who would like someone else’s input on what it’s like to be a Swat transfer, Jeanie has a great blog, also on WordPress. Please check it out, she’s amazing! 🙂


6 Responses to “The Plan, Christian Bale (a.k.a, A More In-Depth Discourse on Good, Evil, Human Nature, and Course Selection).”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    so sorry to hear about your friend’s grandfather.
    “Plus, maybe the professor will make me understand why I should care about philosophers instead of ignoring them and making my own philosophies.”
    hahaha. i could so relate to that statement. just don’t tell the philosophy department, okay?

    looks like a pretty sweet schedule. i bet you’ll have some intense debate this fall in that poly sci class. i couldn’t take it, personally, i know i’d end up ripping someone’s face off…or something equally violent and undesirable. this election has made several times consider moving to a deserted island, forgetting an education in the western world, and living by myself for the rest of my days.

    and so, if that aerobics course is two credits, does that mean it’s the whole semester?

  2. lisetteder Says:

    ah and thanks for the shout-out by the way, haha.
    i’ve been considering whether or not i actually want to link my blog to my facebook…i might actually SCARE AWAY potential transfers and other students.

  3. Dina Says:

    I’m taking American Elections! 🙂 Hope you can get in – it’s pretty full, and lots of people will be trying. You should talk to Reeves or Nackenoff about it.

    Aerobics should be all semester, yeah. Even one credits are often the whole semester.

  4. lisetteder Says:

    to dina re the phys ed: really? this is so confusing. i was just talking to augusta about this last night. it says at that “Most physical education courses are offered for a half a semester and earn 1 unit toward the 4 units required for graduation.” so what does that mean for transfers if everyone’s supposed to take 4 credits of gym by spring of their sophomore year in order to be eligible to do the housing lottery? and does that mean that students are expected to take a phys ed course literally all semester every semester for their first two years? that seems really demanding.
    and if phys ed one credit classes are often the full semester, then does that mean that aerobics, as a two-credit class. will be extremely butt-kicking intense? have fun, augusta!

  5. Anne Says:

    hey- saw the link to this on facebook and decided to come check it out.

    In all the phys ed classes I’ve taken, each 1/2 semester was 1 PE credit. For instance:
    1 semester modern dance= 2 credits
    1/2 semester tennis = 1 credit
    1/2 semester fitness training = 1 credit.

    The number of credits doesn’t really have much correspondence to difficulty, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Scheduling is as important as anything else, so take into account when you’re best at studying and staying focused, and avoid PE classes in those times (for me, that means avoiding evenings). Also, I really like fitness training: you pretty much just go to the gym, sign in, and do whatever you feel like there, and you have a teacher who will give good advice and teach you the machines, if needed.

    Oh, and odds are decent that they would make an exception for transfer students, but it’s not all that hard to get all the credits out of the way in one year. Try not to stress too much about that stuff.

    And about the course catalog- you get used to it listing things not being offered, and it can help you plan out what you might take in future semesters. Still annoying, though.

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