The Plan, Batman.

August 18, 2008

Alright, team. This is what we’re dealing with. It’s 5:41 AM, I am nowhere near sleep, and I NEED to finally stop dragging my feet on picking out classes. So I’ve decided to use this as a forum for thinking aloud in the class picking process.

My goal for the next three years is to graduate with two degrees, majoring in both political science and, hopefully, economics. So what I need to do now is go through the graduation requirements, the degree requirements for both departments, and beginning drafting a first semester schedule that keeps in mind the big picture.

In order to graduate, I need:
*(At least) 20 credits outside of one major department
*Swat’s website says that I need to take at least three courses in each of the three divisions of the college (humanities, natural sciences/engineering, and social sciences). But then, a mere one bullet later, it says that I have to take two classes in each division, and the two must be from different departments. I guess you have to have three of each, and then complete two at Swat.
*So the first and third divisions are easy…even more so if I can get just 1.5 more credits to transfer. Then I only need one class from each division at Swat, and THAT would mean that the only division I still need fulfilled is the natural sciences requirement. I can fill that with stat, a , which is also required for an econ major! Then I guess I’ll take a science and an easy math class.
*Physical education – I need four credits to graduate. That should be easy enough, I’ll just tack on a phys. ed. class onto a full courseload, and it’ll act as both a way to destress, and a way to stay fit! And I DEFINITELY need that after continuously gorging myself all summer.

So for the next three years I’ll need…
*Eight classes in the poli sci dept.
*Eight classes in the econ dept.
*Three maths/sciences
*Two humanities (english, philosophy, etc.) – I have one credit transferring to that from PCC
*Three social sciences – no problem here, my major alone will take care of that
*Four physical education classes

I think for the first semester, I’ll take an economics class, a poli. sci. class, a philosophy class, a gym class, and, if I can squeeze it in, a freebie that just seems cool.

Now I’ll just look at some classes, and my next update will be my class choices for fall semester!

Yours as always,
The Transfer Student


One Response to “The Plan, Batman.”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    with the distaste you’ve expressed for math, i’m really surprised you want to take two math courses to fulfill your natural sciences requirements! you should look into swat’s science courses. there’s some really good stuff, and if you’re as bored by straight-out pure math as i am, then they might be a better alternative? i think i’ll have my natural science requirement done by this semester (i’ve already taken physics and geology in college), and i hope to take astrophysics: spacetime, quanta, and cosmology. now before you go, what the fuck?, let me say that i was dragged into sitting in on this class at 9 AM last fall by Logan, my dead ex-significant other (i basically always put it in ways like that instead of trying to be gentle and tactful, since that usually flops or seems dishonest. i hope you can get used to it), and it totally blew my mind in a good way. the professor that taught it last fall (eric jensen) isn’t teaching it this fall, which makes me sad because his teaching method was SO clear, easy-to-follow, discussion-inducing, etc. he just seemed like an awesome professor. i never thought i could have walked into a physics course mid-semester and perfectly understood equations with greek symbols, but in that class i did. regardless, the course seemed REALLY fascinating–the class we sat in on was about the rate of the universe’s expansion, and what that means for us here on earth, put simply–and like it’d be worth taking even if eric jensen didn’t teach it. it was actually hard for me to pick that class because so many of swat’s intro science courses seem relevant and interesting and not that difficult. seriously! check them out, man. and actually, i think i just talked myself out of taking that course this semester…i really want eric jensen as my professor!
    also, one more thing about your schedule. it’s weird, and you might not have realized this, but gym classes are no-credit courses at swarthmore and the duration of each class is only half a semester. the school requires you to enroll in at least four credits/semester, so unless one of those classes you’ve picked is a seminar/two-credit course, you’ll NEED to take that “freebie”.
    and have you looked at the philosophy courses? any idea on which you might take? i think i’m going to take two this first semester, if i’m permitted to, so maybe we’ll have one together.

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