The Ever-Amusing 5 AM Obvservations.

August 16, 2008

This entry will be short, sweet, and probably just a huge string of complete non-sequiters. Also, I am completely disoriented, so for all you damned fellow Swatties tittering on your Macbooks at my spelling and grammar errors…you just watch it, punks. For this reason (and many others), tonight’s installment of The-Neurotic-Transfer-Student-Who-(Maybe)-Could will be presented in list form.

My apologies in advance.

*My head is very fuzzy and dizzy, due mainly in part to the fact that somehow, Chad silently peer-pressured me into riding an insane roller coaster at Hersheypark today. I just googled the damn thing, and apparently, the Farenheit has all of these insane, record-breaking components, such as greatest angle of ascent, greatest initial drop, you get the picture. I’m about to go upstairs and smother him in his sleep for tricking me into riding that, albeit awesome, death trap.
*Speaking of Hersheypark, Swatties, have you BEEN to freaking Hersheypark? They just added an INSANE water park, and I say that if all of us transfers and, well, everyone else, survives, we have a Swat day at Hersheypark after finals.
*My retro dorm phone arrived to day. Not going to lie, it’s a little awesome.
*I NEED TO PICK OUT CLASSES. Seriously, I have been so bad about that. I have not been able to bring myself to come up with a comprehensive plan for how the hell I’m going to get my degree. Anyone else dragging their feet on that?
*Kayla leaves for DC in a few hours. I’m going to miss her a ton, and I’m definitely going to be keeping tabs on her transfer experience goes, since she’s a week and a half ahead of me. Also, I think Rachel and I are going to drop in on her sometime next week and go to the zoo. Panda time!
*Jess comes home from Myrtle Beach this weekend, yay! It’ll be nice to get some time in with her before leaving for Swat…in TEN DAYS. Oh my goddd. So soon, how did this happen??
*Dina and Danny are officially my friends in high places: Dina is apparently connected to every job I have ever considered getting while on campus (BACK OFF PEOPLE, she’s MY connection, find your own!!), and we had an awesome intense conversation until like 5 am last night. It was excellent, definitely made me looking forward to getting hella involved with stuff next year. (Rereading the phrase “hella involved with stuff” makes me kind of hope that people from the Dean’s office have stopped reading already.) And Danny’s old news, he’s got a single in Mertz and possibly a car. Plus, we’re the dynamic duo, so ya know. 😉

Well this entry ended up be neither short nor sweet, but it is 6 am and I’ve been running on three hours of sleep for three days now. Time for bed for sure.

Drowsily and apologetically yours,
The Transfer Student


2 Responses to “The Ever-Amusing 5 AM Obvservations.”

  1. lisetteder Says:

    augusta, i have to say, it’s rather swattie of you to include a veiled apology for spelling and grammar errors at the beginning of your blog…only to present us a blog entirely devoid of spelling and grammar errors. seriously?!

    and i am mad jealous of the dina connection. i want an awesome campus job!! the transition from making crazy money waitressing almost 40 hours/week to working for $8-something an hour 15 hours/week is not going to be particularly enjoyable. i at least want a job that doesn’t suck!

    also, something tells me that dizziness was due less to your intense roller coaster ride and more to your ‘three hours of sleep for three days’ adventure (it sure sounds like an adventure to me). seriously woman, i hope you get some rest. i’m sure you’ll have plenty of sleepless nights to come at swarthmore…

  2. Dina Says:

    Hey, I’d be happy to connect many people. X)

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