The Past.

August 10, 2008


In one of my idle Facebook browsing sessions, I read one of my new Swat friend’s “notes”, and discovered that, unfortunately, the two of us have a lot more in common than I originally thought: we’ve both lost someone we loved unexpectedly. After learning this, I was absolutely flabbergasted at how she is able to have so much energy, remain so upbeat, and just have an unending drive for just about everything. Honestly, having gone through something similar, I am so impressed by her. All Swatties are pretty special people, you have to be to get in, but having talked with this one, I am even more anxious to get there.

I’m not going to go into her situation (for her privacy), nor am I going to go into mine. I’m not going into my past, because I let it define me for an extremely long time, and after getting rejected from Swarthmore the first time around, I decided that it would define me no longer. And I believe I have succeeded in that, but it is very hard to have so much of the past resurface when you find out that someone else has gone through that sort of pain as well.

Well, that is all fine and depressing, but I like ending these entries on an up-note. Tonight’s up-note is that Danny and I are possibly the most dynamic Swattie comedy duo ever, and we are already cooking up schemes. Yeah, I said it, schemes…we’re THAT awesome. (Now if I can only transform him into a Wham! fan…:D)

6 days til Kayla leaves for an hour and a half south, 15 until I leave for an hour and a half north.

Wistfully (but still hilariously) yours,
The Transfer Student


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