The Beginning of the End.

August 9, 2008

It occurred to me today that it is the beginning of the end of summer. I’m not sure if the visit to Swat drove that home, or if the weather tonight was as cool as a preview of fall, or if I just looked at a calendar.

Regardless, I’m amazed at how fast summer drew to a close. I’m sure that is due in part to the fact that I did not spend all of the summer at home, but spent over a month of it on the west coast. This is going to be a super short blog, I just wanted to lay out the “end” so I have it in writing somewhere.

Today my friend Jess left for Myrtle Beach, and she’ll be back on the 16th, next Saturday.
My friend Kayla leaves for American University on the 16th, exactly one week from today.
Chad leaves for the beach the 23rd, only three days before I leave for Swat. I was pretty sad about that, I’m really hoping he’ll be able to come up and visit me the first weekend after classes start or something.

In other news, my roommate and close friend from Portland, Ashley, is currently in California. Her best friend Natalie just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte Rose. Congratulations Natalie!

In OTHER other news, I hope you will all join me in boycotting the Olympics. I’ve written my feelings on that in both of my Myspace blogs as well as in a Facebook note. I’m not going to rewrite my feelings on the subject here, but I urge all of you to read this excellent piece in the Washington Post.

Danny left me a comment on Facebook today saying how surreal it is that in two and a half weeks we’ll all be starting at Swat.

Danny, you couldn’t be more right!

The Transfer Student


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