The Day at Swat.

August 8, 2008

So after many delays and shenanigans, Jess, Chad, and I finally made the great trek to Swat! There was a little road work on the way up, but it still took us less than an hour and a half. We wandered Parrish, trying to figure out where to drop off my med forms and family information sheets, and then began wandering the rest of the campus. After admiring how adorable the lodges are, the trio traipsed over to Willets, where I will be living this semester. We very stealthily waited for the guy on the cell phone standing in front of the open door to wander off, and then sneaked in.

Obviously, since the floor plan is so confusing, I was extremely curious to see my dorm room. So we prowled around the hallways, trying every door, and successfully getting into a ton of them. There were a fair amount of open dorms on the first floor, even more on the second floor, and nearly all of the third floor was open. I’m in 101, so we figured 301 would be similar. It was not. It was a double. We ran into a ton of doubles, half a ton of singles, and zero triples. So eventually, I went over to the janitor and sweet talked him into opening up 101.

And I was pleasantly surprised! It’s actually an adjoining single and double. You can only get in and out through the double, so if you’re in the single you still have to come through there. Also, I’m not positive that the lock on the single actually works. But the single has a walk in closet and a bathroom with a shower and everything! So at the very least, I’ll be in the double with access to a private bathroom that I’ll only have to share with two other people. Yay!

We continued onto Tarble, and then played some ping pong. I beat Chad, even if he lies and claims he won. He seriously showed me up in foosball, though. From there we hung out in the bookstore until it closed, and then, exhausted by all the heat and exploration, lounged around Parrish. We were meeting Ashley, a junior who was supposed to be a CA for my group but got switched, and whichever other components of the transfer group could make it. After getting lost, walking in a circle, lots of swearing, and a blister on the back of my ankle, I finally had the good sense to call my Ashley and find out where the hell the Field House parking lot actually was.

It turned out that Ashley, Danny, Zach, and I were the only transfers that able to make it. (Danny and I both expressed how disappointed we were that Jeanie, the transfer we’ve both interacted with the most, couldn’t make it.) It was a really great time though, we went to Panera and sat around and talked forever. That’s probably one of the things I’ll love most this year, being able to socialize with people you can just talk to.

All in all, it was a really great day, and getting along so well with those three Swatties made me feel really calm and good about the upcoming year. Probably the only thing nagging at me doesn’t even have anything to do with Swat. Ever since moving to Portland last year, I feel like my time at my parents’ house just flies by so unbelievably fast. I don’t particularly like Bel Air, but I like being around my friends, and especially living with my parents. As much as I’m looking forward to this time in my life, I know it will pass by all too fast, and that just makes me wish I were five years old again when time went so slowly.

Anyway, let’s end this on an up note with some pictures!

To Swarthmority and Beyond (yeah, sue me Pixar, bring it),
The Transfer Student

P.S. – In the interest of all current/future transfers, I’m going to go back through these entries and link to fellow Swatties’ Facebooks so hopefully anyone who is feeling lost can simply find some people to help them out! Any other links are for entertainment, i.e., my floor plan in this entry. I also link to my non-Swat friends, but that is merely to show off. 😉 If anyone has been linked to and does not want to be linked to, then you are a big, thin-skinned wuss. Let me know so I can begrudgingly remove you.


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