The Roommate(s).

August 3, 2008

No news on my account yet, although I have sent off a number of emails to various and sundry Swat staff that they will see tomorrow. However, I did get to find out who my roommates, yes, roommateS, are. Charlotte, who I had previously talked to on Facebook, and Lauren, who I have yet to meet. Charlotte seems really nice, but revealed to me that she’s an extreme morning person. This actually bothers me quite a bit, because although I am a very sound sleeper, I really wanted to avoid being “that asshole” that ends up coming into the dorm at all hours waking people up. Hence the reason I checked “I burn the midnight oil”, and listed that as “extremely important” to me. This is the first time I’ll be sharing a room with anyone, and I just really don’t want to get off on the wrong foot and piss off either one of my roommates. Oh well, hopefully it’ll still be a good living experience.

We are living in Willets 101S, whatever that means. Willets isn’t a great dorm (compared to the fancy new ones) but I’m fine with living there. I wasn’t aware that there were triples, but apparently there are! That kind of sucks, but oh well. I had a weird, extra sensory perceptive feeling that I would be living in Willets. Don’t ask me how, I just had a feeling.

So that’s a little bit of a relief, but a little bit of a disappointment at the same time. It’s easier to room with/win over one person than two (especially if you have SOMEWHAT similar sleeping patterns), so I’m just crossing my fingers that everything goes well!

So it goes,
The Transfer Student


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