The Academic Mailing From Swarthmore College.

July 22, 2008

I’ve gotten in the habit of checking my Swarthmore email, even though at this stage in the game, there has been naught to really find. Today, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had gotten an “Academic Mailing” from Swarthmore.

The letter opens with, “Dear Class of 2012,” as about half of my mailings from Swat are. The other half of the things I get have salutations reading, “Dear Returning Students”. I get about twice the amount of Swat mail as any other current student I think. It’s indicative of the entire transfer student experience at Swat, I think. According to everyone I’ve talked to amongst my dad’s Swat friends, there were about two transfers their sophomore year, and none past that. I know the program has been expanded, but the less than twenty transfers per year make it a very surreal, strange experience. I have much less of an idea of what to expect than the class of 2012, or the returning students. It’s almost as if I have to read all the mail I get from both sides of the fence, and some kind of middle to reside in.

But anyway, according to the email, I can now get my phone number, take the math placement test (oh joy!), set up my Blackboard account, and soon take other placement tests.

Apparently, I’ll find out about my housing and roommate very soon…I’m hoping that they’re not withholding that information because I haven’t gotten my medical forms in…that would definitely suck.

In Bel Air news, I’m about to go out with Jess to see my friend Kaytee. We became really good friends when she was a senior and I was a junior, but obviously I haven’t seen her very much since the move to Portland. Being broke is kind of a drag right now, because I’m not sure how many times I can invite people over to my parents’ house without seeming like I have agoraphobia. So I still haven’t seen bunch of people from home, but hopefully I will before I leave for Swat. I’m also taking Jess and Chad sometime this week, I can’t wait for them to see how beautiful the campus is.

The Transfer Student


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